Valorant's Snowball Fight is live today - here's all you need to know about the new game mode

New Snowball Fight Mode in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
New Snowball Fight Mode in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

The new Winter mode of Valorant, named the Snowball Fight, is going live tonight, and will be available to players till 29th December.

Throughout these last two weeks of December, Valorant players will be able to experience this new mode, in Icebox for the first week, and other maps in the latter week.

This particular mode is enjoyable and requires less concentration and energy. With Christmas closing in, and the Winter Wonderland skin already released, a mode like this would complete the package.

What is the Snowball Fight mode in Valorant?

The Snowball Fight is basically a 5v5 team-deathmatch mode, where each team competes to get a total of 50 kills. The team to reach the 50-mark earlier wins the match. And as the name suggests, the bullets in the weapon will be replaced by snowballs.

To top it off, certain fun elements have been added to the mode to enhance the gameplay. Starting with the weapons, only one weapon is available in the mode - the Snowball Launcher. It is shaped exactly like the Brimestone's Molotov launcher in Valorant.

However the Snowballs have a set projectile, and they take time to reach to a point after it is fired. But worry not as every player will be provided with unlimited snowballs and respawns.

Gift power ups in Snowball Fight (Image via Riot Games)
Gift power ups in Snowball Fight (Image via Riot Games)

Gifts/Power Ups

This new Valorant mode will feature certain gifts dropped randomly around the map, similar to the orbs in Spike Rush. These gifts will provide one temporary power up each when fired at. These power ups include the following:

  • Rapid Fire: Increases fire rate of the player
  • Growball: Size of Snowball increases mid-air.
  • Ricochet: Snowballs will have the ability to bounce off the ground and the wall.
  • Skates: Allows players to skate on the map, increases speed and jump height

The Valorant enemy however, has the ability to steal the power up from players that have been killed.

Here's a sneak peak into how the mode will look like inside the game:


Not only is it fun, but this mode will also reward the players with 750XP per game, and also a bonus 150XP for a win. Also, Valorant is also awarding a special gun buddy after a player's first Snowball Fight game.

However, with Snowball Fight going off the game on 29th December, Valorant players are up for more surprises in the upcoming year, with the possibilities stretching as big as a new agent reveal.

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