Valorant Sentinels of Light skin bundle: Release date, price, kill animation, and more

Details about Sentinels of Light Skin Bundle(Image via Twitter)
Details about Sentinels of Light Skin Bundle(Image via Twitter)
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Valorant's 'Sentinels of Light' skin bundle is set to drop with Patch 3.02 which is coming later this week. The developers have introduced multiple weapon skins in the past and they are ready to maintain that consistency this time as well.

Earlier this month, the 'Sentinels of Light' event was introduced in League of Legends and Wildrift. Riot planned a collaboration project between League of Legends and Valorant and came up with the 'Ruination Skin Bundle' in Valorant as part of that.

In continuation to that, Riot is now ready to introduce the 'Sentinels of Light' skin bundle for Valorant, which is expected to arrive with Patch 3.02 later this week.

'Sentinels of Light' is a part of Riot's collaboration project between League of Legends and Valorant:

The 'Rise of Sentinels' event took place in League of Legends and Wildrift earlier this month. Ruined King Viego tried to destroy Runterra to avenge his wife's death with the help of his 'Black Mist'.

However, 'Sentinels of Light,' the army of Runterra was able to defend their land from the evil power of Viego.

To commemorate the success story of the army of Runterra, Riot has decided to introduce 'Sentinels of Light' weapon skin in Valorant. Here are some of the details of the skin bundle.

Bundle Info:

'Sentinels of Light' will consist of five different weapon skins. Here is a list of items for the new skin bundle:

  • SOL Sheriff
  • SOL Ares
  • SOL Vandal
  • SOL Operator
  • SOL Melee

Release Date:

Riot is yet to confirm the release date of the 'Sentinels of Light' skin bundle. However, it will be on the in-game store with the Patch 3.02 which is expected to arrive on July 22nd.

Skin Variants and Animation:

Players will get 4 variants for this new skin bundle.

  • White
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Blue

The skin also has a final-kill animation with a soft music in the end.


Valorant developers are yet to confirm the price of the new skin bundle. However, judging by the price of the previous skin bundles, including the latest Ruination Skin Bundle, it is expected that the upcoming 'Sentinels of Light' will cost around 8700 Valorant Points.

Having said that, players can also buy individual weapon skins by spending around 2175 Valorant Points.

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