Valorant Ruination skin bundle: Release date, price, kill animation, and more

Details about Valorant Ruination Skin Bundle
Details about Valorant Ruination Skin Bundle

Valorant Ruination Skin Bundle is set to drop with Patch 3.01 tomorrow. Developers come up with unique skin bundles and cosmetics for their players. This time they're coming up with the 'Ruination Skin Bundle' as a part of Riot's first collaboration project between League of Legends and Valorant.

A few days ago, popular Valorant data miner Mike from ValorLeaks revealed that Valorant Devs are ready to introduce a new skin bundle to celebrate the League of Legend's 'Rise of Sentinels' event. However, Riot has finally revealed some details about the upcoming Weapon Skin bundle in-game.

Valorant Ruination bundle is a part of Riot's project wit League of Legends and Valorant

League of Legends 'Rise of Sentinels' event is set to go live tomorrow, July 8, where Viego, the Ruined King, is ready to destroy Runterra to avenge his wife's death with the help of his 'Black Mist.' 'Sentinels of Light,' the army of Runterra has the task of defending their land from the evil power of Viego.

Riot has decided to celebrate this event in collaboration with their other published games, including Valorant. As part of that, Valorant players will get the 'Ruination Skin Bundle' in store. Here are some of the details about the upcoming skin bundle:

Release Date

Ruination Skin Bundle will be available in the in-game store on July 8 with the patch 3.01 update. Players can buy the bundle or the items spending Valorant Points.

Bundle Details

Players will get 4 new weapon skin along with the new melee skin. Here is the list of items for the Ruination Skin Bundle:

  • King Ghost
  • King Guardian
  • King Spectre
  • King Phantom
  • King Melee

Variants and Animation

There will be 4 variants for this skin.

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Purple

In addition to that, players will get a final-kill animation with this skin bundle as well.


Riot is yet to confirm the price of the bundle. However, judging by the previous skin bundle, it is expected that the Ruination Skin Bundle will cost around 7100 Valorant Points. Players can also buy individual weapon skins by spending around 1775 Valorant Points.

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