Valorant server status: How to check if servers are down in your region

How to fix server issues in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
How to fix server issues in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant, a 5v5 competitive FPS esports title, developed by Riot Games, came out of its open beta phase in June 2020. Since then, the game has seen an influx of a variety of players from different backgrounds.

Some have had previous experience in FPS games, while others are completely new to the genre. With the massive increase in the number of players on a daily basis, Riot has to always think about players' welfare, server status, and maintenance. However, even in games like Valorant, server outage is an unavoidable issue.

With the increase in popularity, it has become far more important for Riot to maintain a healthy environment for all the players involved in the game. But every now and then, a player may face disconnection issues due to a server outage.

Here is how one can check if the Valorant servers in their specific region are down or not.

How to check Valorant server status?

Players witnessing server issues have a few options to go around. Riot has always been known to maintain transparency with the Valorant community. Such being the case, the first destination for a player to check if there is any massive server issue or maintenance is the official Valorant Twitter handle.

If there is a massive issue with the server in any region or if Riot has scheduled any server maintenance, the official Twitter will always notify the community. However, if a person wishes to manually check the server status in their region, then they can go to the Valorant service status page.

By choosing the desired region, the player can check if there are any upcoming or recent announcements made regarding the server status.

How to report individual problems?

If none of the methods mentioned above help the player out, then it is most probably a situation unique to the player only. In that case, the player can always hop onto the Valorant’s Support page to find some help. The support page has a fix for almost every single issue ever faced by a Valorant player to date.

It is advised to go through every single possible option before submitting a report. Valorant usually provides the user with a specific error code for every single error that occurs. One can always check the error code section to troubleshoot any of their problems.

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