Valorant: Skye's best flash angles and lineups to learn on Ascent

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

Valorant's latest Agent, Skye, comes with her own bag of tips and tricks, allowing players to take down enemies in the blink of an eye.

Though her abilities do not require a great deal of skill expression for the average player to master, they will still need some practice and line-up knowledge to perfect.

Skye comes with a stacked kit, packed to the brim with not just CC but damage, surveillance, and an AOE heal. Guiding Light (flash) is perhaps the most potent ability in her kit.

Thus, an Agent like Skye is designed to dominate in a close-quartered map structure, like Ascent. Adding her to the team composition allows teammates to go in for that quick peek around corners, which can be crucial for mid control on arenas like Ascent.

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Valorant: How to use Skye's flashes on Ascent


Skye's kit has everything that a rank climbing Valorant player can ask for. However, unlike Brimstone, she is not as easy to master, and lineups are something that many need to be aware of.

When it comes to a map like Ascent, here are a few spots and angles for Guiding Light, which every Skye enthusiast should abuse.

While Attacking on A Site

A Long to A Doors - A Site

Usually, the Defenders position themselves near A Door, Haven, or A Link. Thus, Attackers charging through A Long should allow Skye to flash the entrance.

Image via SpiceCurry YouTube
Image via SpiceCurry YouTube

As demonstrated by SpicyCurry, it is more efficient to send the Guiding Light Hawk over the walls. As Skye can guide the Hawk, it catches the opponents off-guard and blinds opponents standing near A Door or scoping in from Heaven.

Another trick shows players run down A Long and directly flash before entering. While this can be executed swiftly, it can also blind teammates as Skye's flash is exceptionally potent.B Main to B Door - B Site

Skye's official trailer showed how she charged up through B Tunnels with Guiding Light. Following that pattern, SpiceCurry showed how to use an entry flash to cut off B Main, Shed, and B Door.

Image via SpiceCurry YouTube
Image via SpiceCurry YouTube

Naturally, this allows teammates to peek into the entrance and take out any opponents nearby. However, it has to be timed right; otherwise, it will flash teammates.

B Link to Mid - B Side Plant

In recent Valorant tournaments, the community has seen how Mid control holds the key to Ascent. Assuming that the opponents will smoke both B Link and B Arch, players can get creative with Skye's Guiding Light.

Gamers have started sending the Guiding Light above the walls towards Bottom Mid and Pizza. Combine this with a teammate (like Omen or Phoenix) rushing in from B Armor, and players can get some easy kills to take Mid control.

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Defending on Ascent with Skye in Valorant

A Link to Mid

As a Defender in Valorant, it is essential to hold down certain areas on Ascent. For instance, A Link is the only point of entry for the attackers besides A Long. Thus, it becomes imperative to block the enemy charge from Mid to A Long.

Image via SpiceCurry YouTube
Image via SpiceCurry YouTube

Positioning Skye right at A Long will allow players to send the Hawk directly into Mid. This cuts off vision from B Link and Catwalk, forcing the enemies to reevaluate their approach. Most of the time, in Valorant, the opponents walk into A Link while still flashed. With proper crosshair positions, players can quickly get kills by just holding an angle.

B Door to B Tunnels

Players can get creative and use Skye's Guiding Light Hawk to go through the windows overlooking B Tunnels. This flashes all the opponents inside B Tunnels and can be remarkably useful while stopping an early rush or during a post-plant situation in Valorant.

A Heaven to A Site

When defending A Site, gamers can position Skye on Heaven and wait for the opponents to gather on here. If timed right, she can flash the opponents by sending the Hawk in over the walls. This stops the latter from planting while their focus shifts towards Heaven.

Image via SpiceCurry YouTube
Image via SpiceCurry YouTube

In the meantime, teammates can get ready to peek from A Doors and A Long or Heaven itself. The height advantage allows Skye to flash anyone in the near vicinity and is deadly for the opponent.

Another variation of this trick allows players to flash from Heaven and exit from A Window. However, Valorant players tend to peek from Heaven as soon as opponents are blinded on A Site.

These are a few spots Skye mains can line up their flashes from on Ascent to catch opponents off guard in Valorant.

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