Valorant Tier List: The best Valorant Agents

Pic courtesy: Valorant Games

The Valorant closed beta kicked off earlier this April with 10 Agents on their roster.

These Agents have some amazing voice acting and personalities. Each of them also boasts of a very unique set of kits and abilities that impact the game in specific ways.

It is this very uniqueness which troubles players when trying to select an Agent who fits their play style the best. There is a lot to keep in mind when trying to choose an Agent.

If you are suffering from this very dilemma, then let us help you out today, with this Valorant agent guide and tier list.

Valorant Agent Tier List:

S+ Tier:


In a shooter like Valorant, knowledge is everything, and this is precisely why Cypher takes the top spot on our list today.

Knowing where your enemies are is integral while attacking as well as defending a bomb site. With Cypher, being on top of your enemy’s positioning is very easy. He can stall pushes, hold off rotations with his Cages, and even gain useful information through his Trapwire placements.

However, the most important aspect of Cypher’s kit is his Spycam. Though this ability is a bit hard to learn, once you have grasped the core mechanics of it, there will be no stopping you.

If you like playing with characters who love to gain information and control the state of the map, then Cypher is the one for you. But do keep in mind that he needs a fair bit of practice to get used to.



Sage is often considered just a healer, and not many realise the sheer amount of 'carry' potential that this Agent has.

Apart from her heals and the resurrection on her ultimate, Sage has some of the best crowd control abilities in the game. Her Slow Orbs help to stop enemy pushes, and also give away their position if they walk over it.

The Barrier Orb is another amazing tool that can help you turn an unfavourable round around. Not only can it keep enemies from pushing into an area, it can also create an elevation for you and your team to gain an advantage from.

If you love going for characters that have the potential to carry as well as support, then Sage might just be the Agent for you.


S Tier:


Pic Courtesy : Inven Global

Pic Courtesy : Inven Global

Brimstone is perhaps the most balanced Agent in the game, especially when it comes to possessing abilities that can be used for both offense and defense. While Sage controls the flow of the game from afar, Brimstone, on the other hand, does it from the front-lines.

His Sky Smokes are indeed incredible when it comes to smoking abilities, and combining it with his Incendiary makes for an amazing combo.

His smokes are extremely valuable during both offense and defense, and his ultimate Orbital Strike can either clear an area out, or stop spike plants and defusals.

If you’re new to the game but have played first-person shooters before, then Brimstone is a great pick. He is quite easy to pick up and he will also help you learn the core mechanics of Valorant.



Pic Courtesy : Inven Global

Pic Courtesy : Inven Global

Breach is all about CC chaining, and clearing up spaces and corners for the team. Though his offensive capabilities are much more potent than his defensive ones, he still is capable of holding the line and slowing down the advances of the attacking enemy.

One of the key features of Brimstone’s abilities is the fact that he can go through walls. He has got both flash and stun in his kit, and the fact that his abilities include going through walls means that his team can clear out corners much more easily.

He is quite annoying to deal with for any opposition. However, he is a bit skill-intensive and will take some time to master.


A+ Tier:


Pic Courtesy : Inven Global Pic Courtesy : Inven Global Pic Courtesy : Inven Global Pic Courtesy : Inven Global Pic Courtesy : Inven Global Pic Courtesy : Inven Global

Pic Courtesy : Inven Global Pic Courtesy : Inven Global Pic Courtesy : Inven Global Pic Courtesy : Inven Global Pic Courtesy : Inven Global Pic Courtesy : Inven Global

When it comes to some of his abilities, Sova is a lot like Cypher. His kit is focused around getting enemy information as well, but unlike Cypher, his abilities pack a huge punch and come with a lot of damage.

However, even with the damage and utility, Sova is not as good at holding down bomb sites as Cypher is. His information gathering skills are quite limited in comparison, and he can be rather vulnerable once he is out of utility.

With that being said, Sova has incredible pushing potential. His abilities will allow his team to gain information about enemies hiding around the corner, and even reveal potential ambushes.

He is very hard to master, and we recommend that you not try him if you’re new to the game.


A Tier:


Omen might initially come off as a stealthy, 'sleight of hand’ kind of Agent, but that isn’t exactly what he is. He might give you the magician vibe, but his role in Valorant is more of a support than anything else.

His kit is known for all the utilities he possesses, especially the Dark Cover smokes, which when used right can be the most valuable asset in a team.

His ultimate is one of the hardest abilities to time and use in the game, but if perfected, it can wreak havoc on the enemy team.

Like Sova, his abilities will take a lot of time and patience to master.


B+ Tier:


Phoenix does a little bit of everything, but none of his abilities are too useful when it comes to clutching a round or helping your teammates defend or push. Sure, his Curveballs can flash an opponent, but any seasoned player can avoid it with some practice and experience.

But Phoenix has his moments and he can be quite good at solo plays and entry fragging. He doesn’t bring much utility to the team, but his Hot Hands can come in handy in certain situations.

His ultimate (when up) can be very useful as well, and you can either use it to scout out locations or go for an all-in play.



Raze is the perfect pick for those who are entirely new to first-person shooters, and want to have some fun in Valorant, racking up a lot of kills while doing so. Despite this, Raze is one of the worst Agents to learn the game. If you keep spamming her all the time, you will never be able to learn the core mechanics of Valorant.

She has one of the most overpowered ultimates in the game that comes in the form of a bazooka, and can one-shot the entire enemy team if they’re huddled together.

She has decent aggressive pushing abilities with her Paint Shells and Showstoppers, but when it comes to defense, she is the worst Agent out there.


B Tier:

The B tier on our list consists of two Agents who have the highest skill ceiling in Valorant. They’re flashy and incredibly hard to master. With them, you either succeed or single-handedly ruin your team’s chance of winning the game.


Jett is all about positioning and mobility. If you’re able to time flanks right, then you will be rewarded with a lot of kills. If not, then you’re going to be the first one to die every single round.

She does have a bit of utility in her Cloudburst smokes, but they’re rather limited. This is why she heavily depends on movement and aim, during both attack and defense.

When mastered, she is one of the most rewarding Agents in Valorant, and comes with a high-risk/high-reward form of play-style. You should shy away from this style if you’re concerned about climbing through the ranks. However, feel free to try her out in your Unrated games, as she is very fun to play.



Viper is the other high-risk/high-reward class of Agent in Valorant. Both her offense and defense are rather poor in comparison to the other Agents in the game, but she does have a bit of utility. This utility, when used right, can help out the rest of the team tremendously well.

Her ultimate, much like Brimstone’s, is just amazing at holding down secured sites and spike plants. However, for it to be actually useful, the team will need to have secured sight first.

She is the hardest agent in Valorant by far, but she is also fun to play, so do try her out in your Unrated games.


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