Valorant Vandal skin tier list

Valorant Vandal skin tier list (Image via Riot Games)

Riot Games’ Valorant is a free-to-play game, however, the game's only method for monetization is weapon skins.

Valorant has a large variety of weapons for the players. Each and every weapon has a giant collection of skins. Among its huge arsenal, Vandal remains one of the most used weapons in the game since its release last year.


Riot Games developers have brought many incredible Vandal skins through the Battle Pass or with a new patch. These skins are available in the Vandal store and can be bought with VP (Valorant Points).

The players can then equip the skin on a weapon.

Tier list of all Valorant Vandal skins

Valorant has a huge range of Vandal skins, starting from Prime Vandal to Sakura Vandal and many more. Many are battle pass skins like the K/TAC Vandal skin introduced in Valorant Episode 3 Act 1.

All of them have been beautifully designed by the developers. Some skins have attractive animations, whereas others have basic designs. Thus, depending on these factors, all the Vandal skins have been divided into different tier lists:

S Tier

Tier S Vandal skins (Image via Riot Games)

Prime Vandal - 1775 VP

Enderflame Vandal - 2475 VP

Reaver Vandal - 1775 VP

Glitchpop 2.0 Vandal - 2175 VP

A Tier

Tier A Vandal skins (Image via Riot Games)
Tier A Vandal skins (Image via Riot Games)

Forsaken Vandal - 1775 VP

Origin Vandal - 1775 VP

Sentinels of Light Vandal - 2175 VP

B Tier

Tier B Vandal skins (Image via Riot Games)

Tethered Realms Vandal - 1775 VP

Sakura Vandal - 1275 VP

Aristocrat Vandal - 1275 VP

K/TAC Vandal - Reflection: Act 1 Level 25

Hivemind Vandal - Ignition: Act 2 Level 20

Ruin Vandal - Ignition: Act 3 Level 45

Dot Exe Vandal - Ignition: Act 1 Level 45

C Tier

Tier C Vandal skins (Image via Riot Games)

Wunderland Vandal - 1275 VP

Horizon Vandal - 1275 VP

Ego Vandal - 1775 VP

Luxe Vandal - 875 VP

Sensation Vandal - 875 VP

Silvanus Vandal - 1275 VP

Depths Vandal - Formation: Act 3 Level 45

Cavalier Vandal - Formation: Act 2 Level 25

D Tier

Tier D Vandal skins (Image via Riot Games)

Avalanche Vandal - 1275 VP

Wasteland Vandal - 1275 VP

Prism II Vandal - 875 VP

Disclaimer: This list solely reflects the author’s personal views on Valorant and is in no way the final list for others.

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