Valorant win64 Shipping Exe error and its possible fix

Sourced from Riot Games
Sourced from Riot Games
Preyashu Halder

Valorant was officially released in June 2020, and ever since then, the development team of Riot games has been providing continuous updates, bug fixes, and new content. It is better than the close Beta, but it has its own flaws, and new errors are cropping up in their places.

And out of the recent errors, the most infuriating of the lot is the “Valorant win 64 Shipping” error. The cause of the error is still unknown, but players are receiving a message to reboot the system and start the game again.

This error is keeping players from playing Valorant and restraining the Riot Game client from launching. The error started to appear after the 2.05 patch update.

How to fix this Valorant error

There is no official fix provided by Riot Games yet, but players are sharing fixes online on social media, and some of them have been shown to be helpful.

#1 - Reinstalling old graphics driver

There are many fixes, but the most common and easiest one is reverting back to the old Nvidia driver if one is using the latest one. The key is to uninstall it and wait for some time and install the old version of the Nvidia driver.

#2 - Reinstalling Valorant and Vanguard

Sometimes uninstalling Vanguard and Valorant before reinstalling it helps. Also, running the game in an administrative mode can also stop the error from happening.

#3 - Upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7

Running the game in Windows 7 can cause the Win64 Shipping Exe error to occur as the operating system is a bit old, and many software are not compatible with it.

This is because they are being updated and optimized for the new operating system. Upgrading to Windows 10 might easily fix the problem.

#4 - Creating exception in Antivirus

Before starting the game, it should be checked if an exception has been created for Valorant in the Antivirus system. The Antivirus application should be opened, and after going to the settings, there is an option named exception under general. Valorant should be selected, and the game will run without any possible error.


#5 - Contacting Valorant Support

If the issue still perseveres, it’s best to visit the official site of Valorant or contact Valorant support and let them know about all the steps that have been taken to solve the problem. Players can also take a screenshot of the problem or just wait for Riot to patch it out.

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