What time does Chamber come to Valorant 3.10 update today

Chamber will be live tomorrow (Image via Riot)
Chamber will be live tomorrow (Image via Riot)

Valorant is set to introduce Chamber to its Sentinel roster with the deployment of patch 3.10 tomorrow. The French agent is finally ready to make his entry into Valorant's long list of agent pools.

Players are eagerly awaiting the first taste of playing with the new Sentinel agent. However, some are confused about the exact time of Chamber's entry into the game. In this article, they will find their answer.

When can Chamber be expected into Valorant?

With every new update, Riot, the developers of Valorant, try to bring in some exciting and interesting stuff for their players. In every new episode, they introduce a new agent in the game. To maintain their legacy, they had earlier decided to add Chamber to their Sentinel roster along with patch 3.09. However, for certain reasons, Valorant developers postponed that until the next patch. But they have revealed the details of the upcoming Valorant agent Chamber.

Since then, players have been eagerly waiting for the new agent to drop into the game. Finally, it's time for the new Valorant patch, and Chamber is all set to join the game's agent pool with the deployment of patch 3.10.


The patch notes for the 3.10 update are expected to be dropped by tonight in every region. The usual times for the for that are as follows:

  • 6.00 am PDT
  • 9.00 am ET
  • 2.00 pm BST
  • 7.00 pm IST
  • 10.00 pm JST

However, there may be some delay in dropping off the patch notes. The actual patch that follows suit usually arrives into the game several hours after that. The habitual timings of the patch drop are as follows:

  • 2.00 pm PDT
  • 5.00 pm ET
  • 10.00 pm BST
  • 2.30 am IST (next day)
  • 7.00 am JST (next day)

Players now need to wait a few more hours to get their hands on the new agent.

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