When is Valorant Champions 2021 Collection Bundle coming to Mumbai (India) server?

The Champions 2021 Vandal Finisher (Image via Valorant)
The Champions 2021 Vandal Finisher (Image via Valorant)

New information and updates to the upcoming Valorant Champions 2021 have set the community on fire. The official music video, Die For You by Grabbitz, has become hugely popular with the Valorant players as they try to make sense of what the video shows.

This year has marked several intricately beautiful skin bundles in Valorant. From the mythical Ruination Bundle and the sci-fi Prime 2.0 to the grooving SPECTRUM and the futuristic Magepunk 2.0, players have been spoilt for choices.

Riot Games has now confirmed that the Championship will also be accompanied by an exclusive cosmetic bundle that users can get. Much like the Arcane Collection, this is also set to complement the hue and feel of the tournament.

With more and more information being released, here's when Indian gamers can get their hands onto the hallowed Champions Bundle.

When and what will the new bundle bring for Indian Valorant players?

Currently, only the Magepunk 2.0 bundle is available in the in-game store. The Champions 2021 Collection bundle is expected to be made available on the Mumbai (Indian) server by 3.30 am IST on 25 November.

Gamers will wake up the next morning to a brand new Vandal skin and a fresh Karambit.

The Champions Collection will include the following items:

  • Vandal Skin
  • Melee Weapon - Karambit
  • Out of Greatness - Phoenix Card
  • Inspiration - Sage Card
  • Unbreakable - Brimstone Card
  • Champions Title

The bundle will be a tad pricey, at around 6263 Valorant Points, though the weapon skins can be bought individually. The Vandal is priced at 2675 Valorant Points and the Karambit at 5350 Valorant Points.

50% from the proceeds are reportedly going to be split evenly among all the sixteen teams at the Championship.

Champions Bundle releases Nov. 24 at 5:00PM EST~ Bundle Price: 6263VP~ Vandal Price: 2675VP~ Karambit Price: 5350VP#VALORANT

There are no color variants to look forward to, although there is a Champions aura. It is a gold highlight that gets activated when the bearer is the top killer in the game.

The animation also beautifully ties in with the official music of the event. For further information regarding the animation and finisher, readers can go here.

Although it comes at a steep price, the Champions 2021 Collection bundle is turning out to be a hard collection to miss out on.

Edited by Ravi Iyer

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