Valorant's new Champions 2021 Bundle: VFX and Finisher

Vandal Skin in Champions 2021 Collection (Image via Riot Games)
Vandal Skin in Champions 2021 Collection (Image via Riot Games)

Riot Games is pulling out all the stops to make the first Valorant Champions a memorable event. After a year-long Valorant Champions Tour, where more than ten thousand teams battled through Challengers and Masters, Valorant Champions 2021 promises to be an exciting arena for the sixteen qualified teams to earn the crown.

The official music video, titled 'Die For You' by the EDM artist Grabbitz, was released yesterday. The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. Players are already grooving to the tune and pouring over the animation to understand the lore better.

Riot has now announced that the event will have an exclusive Champions 2021 Collection Bundle consisting of a weapon skin, a melee weapon, and player cards.

A look at the VFX and Finisher of the Valorant Champion skin

The Champions 2021 Collection Bundle sports the same golden hue that Riot has associated with Valorant Champions. The Collection will be bringing the following items:

  • Vandal Skin
  • Melee Weapon - Karambit
  • Out of Greatness - Phoenix Card
  • Inspiration - Sage Card
  • Unbreakable - Brimstone Card
  • Champions Title

Both weapon skins are made from a combination of four color, predominantly gold, black, white, and with a little touch of red. The word 'CHAMPIONS' features prominently on the side of the Vandal skin, while the VCT symbol is on both.

Players who have bought the bundle can further spend Radianite coins for the Champions Aura update to the weapon skins. This aura is a gold highlight that is activated when the player has the highest number of kills in a game. Specifically for the Vandal, the word 'CHAMPIONS' starts glowing bright when the player is top-fragging and the aura is active.

The Karambit has newer melee animations for the following actions - swipes, equip, inspect, and idle. It is one of the most intriguing designs for a melee weapon that Riot has released, and is sure to be the reason many players get the bundle. The Level 2 for the skin unlocks the golden hue during attack swipes and the inspect loop animation. The Level 3 unlocks the Champions Aura for Valorant players to enjoy.

The Vandal skin has no color variants and also doesn't have a unique reload or equip animation. The Level 2 upgrade on the skin unlocks the VCT symbol muzzle flash. The inspect on the gun is a really cool option where the 'Die For You' music starts playing, much like SPECTRUM.

Holding the weight on his shoulder (Image via Valorant)
Holding the weight on his shoulder (Image via Valorant)

For the finisher, a black sphere appears on top with a large VCT symbol throwing out electric shocks (within the sphere), as the official music starts playing. Inspecting the gun will make the Champions logo glow on the beat of the song. When the player moves into the sphere while inspecting, the sky turns red and players can see Brimstone holding the weight on his shoulder from the music video.

The weapons in this bundle will not be coming back to the shop or the Night Market in the future. The bundle will reportedly cost 6264 Valorant Points.

Edited by Mason J. Schneider
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