Top 5 Valorant gun skins in Act 3 Episode 3

Valorant Store (Image via Valorant)
Valorant Store (Image via Valorant)

Valorant has rapidly become one of the most popular multiplayer games being played at the moment. Riot's competitive 5v5 shooter has been kept fresh with regular patches and fixes and newer content and agents.

The developers are also expanding the lore of the universe, fully fleshing it out. David Nottingham, the Creative Director at Valorant, said the team will create an immersive experience for the players with:

"A distinct and cohesive universe that sets up a central conflict, stakes, and goals that map the experience and stakes."

In this rapidly growing world of Valorant, one of the most anticipated and regular content has been gun cosmetics. Riot has had a gala year of spectacular skin bundles.

The biggest selling point of the premium skins is their death animation. Riot has been hitting the nail right on the head with it. Episode III started on June 22 with the release of KAY/O. The game is now well into Act III, Chamber has just released. The newest skin bundle is expected to be released in less than a day.

Explore these Valorant skins that came out since Episode III began

5) Arcane Sherriff

New Bundle: Arcane Collector's Set | #VALORANT

This one is currently in the store and players can get their hands on the Arcane Collection Bundle for 2377 Valorant Points. The skin is a celebration of the RiotX Arcane event and the release of Riot's series Arcane. The sheriff has quickly become a fan favorite.

4) Ruination Bundle

This was Riot's first collaboration project between their two IPs, League of Legends, and Valorant. It was released to celebrate League of Legend's 'Rise of Sentinels' event.

The skin boasts a ghastly black mist that associates it with its lore and Viego from League of Legends. The color variants are Blue, Purple, Red, and Green. Melee Two-handed Broken Blade, Ghost, Spectre, Guardian and Phantom are available.

3) Recon Knife

The Recon Bundle is a much more realistic combat take on weapon cosmetics. The Recon Butterfly Knife was inspired by CS: GO. The community long requested this flipping knife with moving parts.

Sean Mario, speaking of Balisong - the Recon Knife, said:

"Recon naturally was one of the more highly anticipated skins we were developing due to the fact that it has a butterfly knife. We always knew that this would be a thing we would give players and it was really incredible to see it all come together with this skin. We spent a lot of time looking at videos of butterfly knife tricks, seeing how other games have implemented them, and really just dug deep into delivering on an awesome experience."

He further added:

"We just kept building on it every step of the way, knowing, of course, we would have the flair of flipping the knife around in the equip and inspect, but eventually, we said “let’s just add it to everything!” and included it as part of the attacks when the weapon comes back to rest. Because the skin is something that is a bit more grounded we had to strike that balance of the animations being interesting and fun but not too playful and over the top."

He concluded by saying:

"Once we had all of the animations in place it was just really fun for everyone to walk around in-game spamming their equips, inspects, and attacks to just watch the knife spin and flip in the character’s hands."


This bundle is a collaboration between Valorant and the popular DJ Zedd. The resultant product has one of the most colorful VFX finishers among Valorant's weapon bundles. It also has an interesting sound effect when inspected.

Zedd describes the bundle as:

"A collection of weaponized color and sound that elevates the way you experience the game, taking you from a player to a performer."

The bundle consists of - Classic, Bulldog, Guardian, Phantom, and Waveform Melee.

1) Radiant Crisis 001

This is the latest skin bundle released before the Arcane Collection Set. This Premium Tier skin will make one feel like they are in the pages of a comic book with colorful zesty words popping up with animation and the finisher.

The following weapons are available in this bundle - Bucky, Spectre, Phantom, Classic, Baseball Bat melee.

Riot is expected to introduce Magepunk 2.0 within the day. It is going to be a sequel to the dystopic Magepunk bundle.

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