When does Valorant's Episode 2 Act 3 end, and when does Episode 3 Act 1 begin

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games
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Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 is just around the corner with the new 2.08 patch for Episode 2 Act 3 having been released.

The next update is going to be huge with the introduction of a new Agent. The update is also expected to introduce new gameplay mechanics for limited-time game modes.

With the new Patch 2.08 in Valorant, Breeze, the 6th Map of the game was introduced after a lot of players demanded it. Episode 2 Act 3 brought a fresh Battlepass and the Forsaken skin line to the shop for players to purchase.

Since no new agent was introduced, players are now eagerly waiting for Episode 3. Riot Games needs some recognition for the bi-yearly updates and the addition of new skins. Now, players are expecting new content in Episode 3 Act 1.

Valorant Episode 3 leak: new Agent, more

Riot Games has not shared any official details about Valorant Episode 3 Act 1, but a few leaks from data miners suggest that a new limited-time game mode is coming. The data-mining study suggests gameplay mechanics such as downed and revived might be included.

These newly discovered gameplay mechanics could possibly lead to a third limited-time Valorant game mode, following Snowball Fight and Escalation.

The gameplay features were discovered by the popular Valorant leaker and data miner, ValorLeaks.

From his Twitter post, it information regarding the different parameters.

The discovered parameters are:

  • Downed health: 100HP
  • Max Downed Time: 15 Seconds
  • After revival, player health will be at 50HP
  • Players can be revived from a distance of 2 meter
  • When a player gets near a downed player, he will see a “REVIVE,” and while reviving, he will see a “REVIVING”
  • Reviving takes 2 seconds

The recent discovery has allowed fans to speculate the possibility of a new Valorant game mode.

Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 will bring a new agent into the game as Riot Games skip the introduction of any new agent in Episode 2 Act 3. Players are hungry for a new character to master, but information about the character's abilities and origins aren’t out yet.

Fans are also expecting things like Battlepasses, exclusive skins, and even a new cinematic-like the one created to mark the launch of Episode 2.

No confirmation has been given about the dates but It’s expected that Episode 3 Act 1 will come on June 22, 2021, after Riot revealed the end date of the Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 battle pass as June 21.

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