Why the Valorant community feels that Chamber is a "better" Yoru

How Chamber is a better agent than Yoru in Valorant (Image via UHD Wallpapers)
How Chamber is a better agent than Yoru in Valorant (Image via UHD Wallpapers)
Amlan "M4DM4N" Roy

The next update for Valorant will see the arrival of Chamber, a Sentinel with fragging potential which makes him one of a kind in the entire game. Equipped with some abilities that make him a prime Sentinel, his other abilities make him somewhat of a Duelist as well.

Valorant has a total of 16 playable agents, running up the total to 17 with the addition of Chamber. Usually, Sentinels are considered to be the shield of any team because of their defensive setup, however, Chamber is more of a spear with his aggressive play style.


The Valorant community is so impressed by the addition of Chamber to the game, that most of them are comparing him to Yoru. For the uninitiated, Your also has teleportation as his main ability.

How Chamber dominates over Yoru in Valorant

Currently, Yoru remains the worst-performing agent in Valorant. The agent does have all the qualities for being a Duelist, like flashes, and long-range teleportation ability, however, his only drawback is not being reliable enough.

Yoru’s flashes need to get bounces in order to function, so a good play can easily dodge it as they get enough time to react to it. Not only that, but his teleportation ability is also not instantaneous, which makes it harder to make an escape.

On the other hand, Chamber’s teleportation seems to be slightly faster than Yoru, which gives him quite an advantage over him. However, one disadvantage that Chamber faces is that his teleportation is limited to a short distance while Yoru is not bound to it.

Talking about Ultimate abilities, Yoru can go invisible on command and move to a different location without getting seen. However, if any enemy remains in Yoru’s proximity while using the ability, he gets spotted, which defeats the entire purpose.

Looking at Chamber, his ultimate ability is literally a pocket Operator. So any player with good mechanical skills can make use of it, rather than relocating with Yoru’s ability with a risk of getting spotted.

Moreover, the fact that Chamber has better fragging abilities makes him a great choice over Yoru. So, it is natural that the community would prefer the new agent than choosing one of the worst-performing agents in Valorant.

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