Zombs' comment may have single-handedly turned entire Brazilian Valorant community against Sentinels 

Brazilian Valorant community is furious with Sen Zombs' comment (image via Riot)
Brazilian Valorant community is furious with Sen Zombs' comment (image via Riot)

Valorant Champions 2021 has become a hotbed of controversies since the start of the event. A tournament like this always experiences some regional brawls between different parts of the world. Valorant Champions 2021 is currently experiencing the same.

Brazilian Valorant community is furious with Sentinels' Zombs recent comment towards the region. Brazilian fans have found it insulting and raised their voices against Zombs and his team.

Brazilian Valorant fans want to see Zombs punished for his derogatory remark

It all started after Sentinels' opening match of the tournament against Brazil's Furia Esports. The Brazilian side had a promising start to the game against the North American giant. Furia Esports was on the verge of winning the final map by building up the momentum as well.

However, a prolonged tech pause disturbed their momentum, and Sentinels managed to win the map with a 13-9 scoreline. After the match, Brazilian fans were not happy with that long technical pause as they believed it changed the narrative of the game.

The incident was fueled by Sentinels' IGL Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Khan's tweet about a technical pause after Team Vikings' match against Gambit Esports. Team Vikings bottled a 9-3 lead on the final map on Icebox against the Russian side and lost the tie. After the match, Shahzam jokingly tweeted,

'Should have called a tech pause.'

Brazilian fans were unhappy with Shahzam's comment and indulged in a social media fight. Later, Shahzam revealed that he had no intention of upsetting anyone with his remarks. He said,

'I’m just making light of an unfortunate situation. You refuse to accept what actually happened and choose to be upset. These games should bring us together, have some fun.'

However, Jared "zombs" Gitlin from Sentinels added fuel to the fire by his derogatory remarks to the entire Brazilian region. Zombs tweeted,

'Can't wait to beat your sh*t region again'

The Brazilian Valorant community is furious with the Zombs' comments, and everyone is now against Sentinels. It will be interesting to see how Sentinels deals with this situation and how the Brazilian teams respond on the biggest stage of Valorant.

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