Jeremy Lalrinnunga wins India's first ever Youth Olympics gold

Jeremy Lalrinnunga from India looks delighted after claiming the Gold (Image Courtesy: IOC)
Jeremy Lalrinnunga from India looks delighted after claiming the Gold (Image Courtesy: IOC)
Modified 09 Oct 2018

Fourteen lifters competed in the Men’s 62 kg category in the Weightlifting competition at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games at the Europe Pavilion in Buenos Aires.

World number Two and Asian Youth Silver medalist in the 56kg category, Jeremy Lalrinnunga from India was the top contender to secure the Gold. He stepped up to 62kg division for the Youth Olympics. His main contender were the World Number Two and European Youth Silver medalist Caner Toptas of Turkey.

In Snatch, Panama’s Ronnier Martinez came up with a personal best effort of 110 in his first attempt. He went on to finish with 114 after failing his third attempt at 117.

World number Four Emanuel-Marian Danciu from Romania stepped up to the platform, lifting an effortless 110 in his first attempt. He cleared 115 in his third attempt to be placed fourth after the snatch.

Venezuela’s Carlos David Trejo Gonzalez, who is the Pan-American Youth Bronze medallist, lifted 115 with his first attempt. He could have caused grave injury during his lift of 118 when he almost lost the bar under his head before throwing it behind to finish with 115.

World number four in the 56kg division, Colombia’s Estiven Jose Villar Manjarres participated in the 62kg class at the Youth Olympics. After an effortless 115 off his second attempt, he failed to get past 118 in his third attempt, with an inefficient swing that made him lose his momentum.

Silver medalist Caner Toptas of Turkey (Image Courtesy: IOC)
Silver medalist Caner Toptas of Turkey (Image Courtesy: IOC)

Caner Toptas of Turkey cleared 116 in his first attempt and failed at 120 with his second lift. He then convinced his coach to increase the weight by two kilos to 122 and came up with a superlative lift to claim the second spot.

India’s Jeremy Lalrinnunga came to the platform for his first attempt at 120. The audience was in awe as they witnessed the best technical lift seen thus far in the competition, as he breezed through 120. With a wealth of experience under his belt, a failure at 124 did not deter the Indian, after he missed bringing the weight under control, after snatching it over his head. Raising from a deep squat position, and staggering a little before bringing the bar under control, he sailed into the lead with a successful third attempt.

In the Clean and Jerk, Panama’s Ronnier Martinez lifted a solid 141 in his first attempt. Unable to lift 145 in his second effort, his third attempt was also a failure when he missed 147, challenging for the Bronze. He ended sixth with a tally of 255.

Carlos David of Venezuela could only muster a best of 140 in his second attempt after an unsuccessful lift at 144 in his third. He finished fifth overall with a total of 255.

European Youth Bronze medallist, Emanuel-Marian Danciu of Romania lifted 143 in his second attempt to finish fourth with a tally of 258. He failed his third attempt of 146 in a battle for the Bronze.

Bronze medallist Estiven Jose Villar Manjarres of Colombia (Image Courtesy: IOC)
Bronze medallist Estiven Jose Villar Manjarres of Colombia (Image Courtesy: IOC)

Colombia’s Estiven Jose Villar Manjarres hoisted 145 with his second attempt with a big leg drive. Involved in a battle for the Silver he raised the bar to 149, but after a good clean, he missed out on the jerk to end up with a total of 260 to claim Bronze. He showed a massive improvement of 18kgs from his Gold medal-winning effort in the 2018 Pan-American Games.

In his weakest discipline, Caner Toptas of Turkey, came up with great focus and determination to lift 141 in his third attempt, after failing the same in his second attempt. It secured the Silver for Toptas with a total of 263, which saw a five-kilo improvement on his 2018 European Youth Silver medal effort of 258.

Fifteen-year-old Jeremy Lalrinnunga from India came up with textbook lifting at 142 with his first attempt, as he waltzed into the lead, securing the Gold with two attempts remaining. In his second attempt, a powerful clean at 147 saw him wrest the weight on his shoulders for a tad longer as he went a bit dizzy resulting in an unsuccessful second attempt.

He came up with a mighty clean and jerk at 150 to win the title in style. He tallied 274, which was eleven points clear of Silver medallist Toptas and an extraordinary 24kg difference from his Asian Youth Silver medal effort.

It was extraordinary to see such huge weights lifted by these youngsters who look like serious talent for the future. It all depends on how the coaches and the countries' administrators shape them up for upcoming competitions.

Gold Medal – Lalrinnunga Jeremy (IND) 124+150=274

Silver Medal - Caner Toptas (TUR) 122+141=263

Bronze Medal - Estiven Jose Villar Manjarres (COL) 115+145=260

Published 09 Oct 2018
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