5 things RAW does better than Smackdown Live

  • Most people agree that SmackDown Live is the better show, but there are still plenty of things that RAW does better than the blue brand.
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Modified 31 Oct 2016, 07:38 IST
RAW has some things going for it that SmackDown Live can’t claim

WWE has been making the new brand extension seem like it’s a weekly life-and-death situation for the GMs and Commissioners. Both shows are trying to prove supremacy, but both of them have reasons why one is better than the other.

Here are 5 things that RAW does better than SmackDown.

#5 Featuring the same talent every week to further along storylines

Braun Strowman has been on a rampage every week

One thing that RAW has done since the shows were split up is making sure that all of their storylines are featured every week.

Bo Dallas has received a bit of a revival as of late, playing a more vicious version of his “BO-lieve” character. As he has started to gain some footing with his development and crowd reactions, RAW keeps him on TV on a consistent basis. He gets to gain momentum every week.

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The same goes for Braun Strowman, whose storyline has developed from beating up single “local wrestlers”, to two, to three. Now Sami Zayn has stepped up, and the storyline has advanced each week.

SmackDown has not done the same. The American Alpha feud with The Usos was gaining some momentum once the Tag Team Title tournament ended, but suddenly both teams were off TV.

The same goes for Baron Corbin, who destroyed Jack Swagger two weeks ago and told off Daniel Bryan on Talking Smack, but didn’t appear on SmackDown at all this week to follow up on the story.

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Published 31 Oct 2016, 07:18 IST
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