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5 things that will become the trademarks of the New Era in the WWE

Zac Jones
6.13K   //    30 Jun 2016, 19:35 IST
What can we expect from WWE’s New Era apart from a steady dose of McMahon family politics?

Ever since the return of Shane McMahon in February of this year, WWE has promised that a ‘New Era’ is coming. This apparently arrived at Payback in May with it being billed as “The first pay-per-view of a New Era”.

However, it still feels like we are stuck in the prelude to this revolution coming to fruition.

Not much has changed in WWE since Payback but the brand split on July 19th is set to shake things up and many feel this is when the ‘New Era’ will fully materialise.

So, what is going to change after the brand split?

This article will look at 5 things that could become the trademarks of the “New Era’

#1 - Two separate, unique shows

The Draft should mark the beginning of characterising both shows distinctly

WWE has announced that Smackdown and Raw will have two unique rosters, but this isn’t the only thing that should make them different from one another.

Smackdown needs a makeover when it airs live on July 19th; it should have a brand new stage set that is exclusive to them and should appeal to a different type of fan than Raw does, in order for each show to establish it’s own identity.

Raw has followed the same format for years and regularly begins with a lengthy in-ring promo.

Therefore Smackdown needs to find its own structure for the show, that is different and distinguishes it from Monday night’s product in order for the brand split to realise its fullest potential.

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