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India cadet free style team - Champion in Asian cadet

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1.24K   //    29 Jul 2013, 01:30 IST
Olympics Day 13 - Wrestling

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The Indian Cadet Free Style, Greco Roman Style and Female Wrestling Teams are in Ulaanbaatar and participating in the 2013 Cadet Asian Free Style, Greco Roman Style, and Female Wrestling Championship.

The competition was held from 25th to 28th July 2013. The Free Style Team once again won the Champion’s Trophy in said Championship by securing 84 points while the Iranian Wrestling Team was the runner -up. The names of the medal winners are given below:

1. Mr. Amit Kumar                    Free Style/58 Kg.                  Gold Medal

2. Mr. Vikas                                 Free Style/63 Kg.                 Gold Medal

3. Mr. Parveen                            Free Style/85 Kg.                 Gold Medal

4. Mr. Ravi Kumar                     Free Style/54 Kg.                 Silver Medal

5. Mr. Ankur Rathi                    Free Style/69 Kg.                 Silver Medal

6. Mr. Balraj                                 Free Style/76 Kg.                Silver Medal

7. Mr. Gursewak Singh             Free Style/100 Kg.              Silver Medal


8. Mr. Rajesh                                GR Style/46 Kg                    Silver Medal

9. Mr. Rohit                                  GR Style/85 Kg.                   Silver Medal

10. Ms. Anju Ponghal                 Female/46 Kg                       Silver Medal

11. Ms. Babita Rani                     Female/65 Kg.                      Silver Medal

12. Ms. Divya Kakar                    Female/70 Kg.                      Silver Medal

13. Ms. Manju                                Female/43 Kg.                      Bronze Medal

14. Ms. Pooja Tomar                   Female/60 Kg.                      Bronze Medal

15. Mr. Manjeet                            GR Style/69 Kg.                    Bronze Medal

The Indian teams won 3 Gold, 9 Silver & 3 Bronze Medals in total at the competition.

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