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Kurt Angle's TNA contract set to expire soon

Nishit Nakar
2.82K   //    03 Mar 2013, 21:12 IST

Wrestle Mania XX

Former WWE wrestler Kurt Angle shared his thoughts on retirement and post-wrestling plans.

When Angle plans to retire from wrestling:

“Well, I got another year and a half left with TNA on my contract um, I do plan on going probably uh two to three years, and I’m done. Um, I will retire and ya know, when I’m retired that means I’m done. That doesn’t mean I’m going to retire and come back. It means I’m finished with it for good.”

The Olympic champion’s plans after his TNA contract expires:

“I like pro wrestling. I know that TNA wants me to stay involved even after I’m done and retired, we’ll see what happens there. But, I’m definitely going to get back to amateur wrestling.”

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