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Sting speaks on his future in wrestling, Hulk Hogan and more

News 19 Mar 2013, 18:05 IST


TNA superstar Sting was recently interviewed by Wrestle Talk TV. He discussed about his future in TNA and more. Here is what he actually said.

On his future plans in wrestling: “I have learned not to say this is my last year. I just can’t say this anymore. Dixie is very persuasive and every year she’s talked me into staying. To be quite honest, after last year, for example, being here, and in London, and Nottingham, and Manchester. It was just amazing. The reaction, the way the fans received all of us as a whole, corporately and then me individually, I just couldn’t believe it. I said you know what, I’m not done with this. I think I’d like to try one more year at least. We’ll see about 2014.”

On fans not desiring Hulk Hogan to leave: “I think he’s like me. I think he likes this brand. He likes the company. He likes the potential, because there’s so much room for growth. I think he loves the guys that we’re working with, and to be honest, I think I talked about this last year too, the nostalgia of pro wrestling and what it brings. Some of the guys like Hulk Hogan’s generation, which was the generation which came before mine. That’s why wrestling fans just don’t want to see Hulk Hogan disappear, or go away, or retire. He’s like, you can’t take Pelé and put him in a soccer game anymore, maybe in a video game or something. Hulk Hogan is still walking and entering the ring and doing his stuff. Wrestling fans love it.”

On his experience of wrestling in the U.K.: “Last year we had little pieces of the show from Wembley, the TV that we did that would air in the United States, packages and things like that. And I know wrestling fans in the States had to have been going ‘Ah, what, wait a minute. How come that’s so cool? We want that too.’ I think part of that, us making it out there and getting on the road will answer that question, will answer that, well, not a question, but will bring satisfaction. I’m the kind of guy that I don’t forget. I wouldn’t forget. I swear this is one of the reasons why I’m here. Because last year I said, if I have the opportunity I want to come back here again. This place is phenomenal. It reminds me of the old days. I’m not just blowing smoke, this is real. I’m telling you the truth.”

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