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Sting's Arrival leaves WWE in a world of confusion

5.49K   //    26 Aug 2015, 13:10 IST
‘The Icon’ is the next big challenge for Rollins

The WWE never ceases to amaze me. The excitement from Monday night’s episode of RAW makes me think someone who writes these scripts has ADHD or some other ailment where they cannot remain focused on one solid program. While the electricity following Sunday’s SummerSlam pay-per-view was well warranted, it still did not solve the mysteries of running feuds that still have not found closure yet. For all of us waiting for some elixir to solve the illness of two main events without any resolution, my suggestion is to hold onto your sits for a bit. This might be a bumpy ride that has not real destination.

Now that Sting will be the next opponent for Seth Rollins and his WWE World Title, we now see the company has scrapped plans for a long-term program with the champ and John Cena. The match that Randy Orton won to claim the No. 1 contender position for Rollins’ belt is nothing more than a memory and Ryback, who holds the Intercontinental Title and should be the first wrestler on a short list to get a crack at the belt, is nothing more than window decoration with some white and gold attached to his gym belt.

In other words, where is the WWE going with all of this? More importantly, what happens if Sting beats Rollins for the title? Well, more importantly, what happens WHEN Sting beats Rollins for the title? I don’t think the WWE and its creative team or corporate figureheads would build this kind of match up with “The Icon” as the man chasing glory without him actually winning and realizing a feat of winning the company title in WCW, TNA and now WWE.

Fans have waited far too long for this to happen, which actually shocked me when Sting was standing there under the sheet in the last segment on RAW.

If that indeed happens, how do other wrestlers fit into the mix? Does Brock Lesnar win the Royal Rumble to wrestle Sting at WrestleMania? Does he serve as a short-lived champion and Sheamus cashes in his Money in the Bank contract? Would Orton claim he has the right to challenge for the title, as does Ryback?

And most importantly, is the WWE gearing up for a huge main event in Dallas (where they like to do things pretty big) and have John Cena try and capture the title for a 16th time against Sting – the man who has traded world titles back and forth with his rival, Ric Flair?

So many questions and no answers – yet. But the can of worms has been opened and fans are salivating at the possibilities that present themselves. And right about now, those hamsters are spinning their wheels inside the corporate offices of Vince McMahon’s circus.

Options can sometimes be a good thing. Sometimes, they can lead to wrestling suicide. Four months and four pay-per-view events will define this year in the promotion and it appears the man with the white and black face paint holds the majority of the cards. Houston is going to be at the epicenter of a huge win or a serious controversy in 25 days.

The WWE never shies away from quick decisions and 180 degree swerves. This is one of them, but it also might be the biggest change in the company in some time. 

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