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TNA News: TNA moves to Thursday nights

1.55K   //    11 Jul 2016, 17:54 IST
TNA refuses to engage in ratings war with WWE

Monday Night Wars is the time when pro wrestling was at its peak. Every fan who is alive would prefer the edgier content that doled out of both WWE and WCW in an attempt to one-up each other compared to today’s watered down content. When WWE announced that SmackDown is going live on Tuesdays, everyone secretly hoped that a Tuesday Night War would start between TNA and WWE.

TNA’s recent programs have got the eyes of fans (whether it is good or bad doesn’t matter) and they are turning heads with some truly unique content. With WWE’s content remaining stale and boring, it was expected that it would spark another ratings war (despite it being a long shot) between the two promotions when WWE announced that SmackDown will go live on Tuesdays. 

But, it looks like TNA isn’t keen on such a war. They have decided to move their telecast to Thursday nights to not suffer any hit to the ratings. Though this is a smart move on TNA’s part, as a wrestling fan I was secretly hoping another version of the infamous wars was going to break out and so utterly disappointed with the news. 

TNA will move Thursdays starting from July 21, two days after WWE’s SmackDown goes live. Impact Wrestling will air at 8 PM ET on Pop TV starting July 21.  

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