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Undertaker house show  return has created a lot of buzz across the entire wrestling world.And now after Cm punk losing to John cena this night on raw ,It is very certain that The Undertaker vs punk dream match will be happening this Wrestlemania.Now almost the entire wrestling universe  is making a lot of guess whether The Deadman or the man from  The straight edge society?

Punk says he is God(i am sure these are only his thoughts).

No one can question punk’s in ring ability but can he defeat the Phenom at the grandest stage of them all?

Taker holds an unrivaled record(20–0) of being undefeated at wrestlemania,the daddy of all the ppv’s of the company.Many are suggesting Punk to win the match as he is the number 2 wrestler in the wwe(number 1 john cena) .Taker ,Rock,Triple h these guys are part timers and they don’t appear regularly on the show.

Cm punk has earned his spot in the wrestling industry and even if he defeats the undertaker ,that is not going to help him.I mean he can never earn John cena’s spot and not many of the wrestling fans would like to see punk on the top.Cm Punk can easily lose to The Deadman in one of the biggest stage of professional wrestling.This could be one of the best match of the year as we all are  aware of Cm punk and The Undertaker in ring abilities.

With 5 weeks remaining for the Wrestlemania,wwe creative team can easily build a taker vs punk match.With Brock lesnar vs Triple h ,The Rock vs john cena (twice in a lifetime),this could be the biggest and the best Wrestlemania in the history.

People want the Undertaker to win.They want the streak to continue forever.For some of the wrestling fans,Undertaker=wrestlemania.In my opinion the streak should never end.I think even the wwe wants Taker to win.Letting taker win is a huge draw and a bonus for the company.They want him to win, to continue the streak and to appear for the next Wrestlemania. It’s what i want to see.It’s what the wwe universe wants to see.

The Undertaker vs. CM Punk

My self Nishant Rai.I am a big fan of professional wrestling and has been following the same from a very long time.I completed my 10th from Delhi Public School,Patna.and presently i am pursuing my engineering degree from Sir Mvit,Bangalore.
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