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Video: The Great Khali makes huge comeback from injury, dominates in Dehradun

Sudhir Bose
28.25K   //    29 Feb 2016, 15:01 IST
Like “The Revenant”, Khali came a long way for revenge

He promised and he delivered. Following a savage beating at the hands of Brody Steele, Mike Knox and Apollo Leon in Haldwani a couple of days ago that forced him to be hospitalised, The Great Khali served up gigantic portions of justice to the trio in Dehradun. Here’s a video of some of the action, courtesy FitnessGuru.Co.In:

The first match on February 24th pitted Khali against Steele, but the three international wrestlers joined forces and overpowered the giant Indian, striking him with steel chairs. A bleeding Khali was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit of Brijlal Hospital in Haldwani, before being airlifted to a speciality hospital in Dehradun. After being successfully treated, Khali vowed revenge on the three for embarrassing him in front of his fans.

The thousands in attendance at Dehradun’s Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium were heard for miles around as they cheered on the former WWE Heavyweight Champion. Though the match was a one-on-one contest between Khali and Steele, the former inflicted in double measure the pain he bore in Haldwani on all three. 

With a bandaged head, The Great Khali swatted aside Brody Steele's initial offence and dominated then on, imposing his will on all three of his attackers outside the ring before defeating Steele. There were some women's matches too:

Women's action at the event

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