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The Great Khali


Standing in at over 7 feet tall, The Great Khali is one of the most towering superstars in WWE’s

illustrious history. Born to a devout Hindu family, The Great Khali served as a security guard and a

policeman before getting his break as a sports entertainment superstar.

Pre-WWE career

Believe it or not, The Great Khali was actually signed by WCW before it was bought out by Vince

McMahon. He teamed up with Giant Silva in NJPW, where the two superstars wrestled as Team

2000. The two wrestlers weighed over 800 pounds together.

WWE career

From the very outset, The Great Khali received a huge WWE push. The Great Khali defeated The

Undertaker clean, a feat few have accomplished in WWE. The Great Khali even went on to win the

World Heavyweight Championship by winning a 20 man Battle Royal. He would lose the title to

Batista soon after.

The Great Khali also debuted the Punjabi Playboy gimmick, where he debuted the Khali Kiss Cam. He

would never reach the same level of success that he did during his very first stint. The Great Khali

has made several appearances for WWE since, including a cameo during a Punjabi Prison match at

WWE Battleground and an appearance at the Greatest Royal Rumble.

Outside WWE

The Great Khali is a mainstream superstar in India, where he was the first runner up on Bigg Boss.

The Great Khali has also appeared in mainstream movies such as Get Smart and The Longest Yard,

alongside Adam Sandler. The Great Khali started his own academy in Punjab, where he’s trained

many aspiring WWE superstars, including Mae Young Classic contestant Kavita Devi.

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