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Exclusive: Moose & Eddie Edwards Exchange Harsh Words Ahead Of Bound For Glory

Riju Dasgupta
05 Oct 2018, 10:25 IST

Two former friends have now become the most bitter enemies
Two former friends have now become the most bitter enemies

Once upon a time, these two men were as close as brothers. But now Moose has turned his back on Eddie Edwards and aligned himself with Impact Wrestling Champion, Austin Aries and Killer Kross.

The two men caught up with media from around the world in the Impact Wrestling Press Pass Podcast ahead of Impact Wrestling's sold out pay-per-view event- Bound For Glory. As one would expect, many heated words were exchanged among the two men. I had a chance to join in on the conversation and add a little fuel to the fire!

Both of you were in great matches at Slammiversary. Do you think Bound For Glory will be an even better show? If so, why?

Eddie Edwards: The thing about the Impact Wrestling roster is that we go out there and we try and top ourselves each and every time. That's what drives us. That's the drive you see each and every time you watch the product. And I know Bound For Glory is a live pay-per-view, it's New York City, it's sold out. The crowd's going to be hyped.

The boys in the back, the girls in the back, we're all going to be hyped. We're going to go out there and we're going to deliver. Our goal is to top what we did last time. It is to top Slammiversary. I have no doubt that me beating Moose on pay-per-view is exactly what the people want and that's how you make the show of the year.

Moose: Oh, you wish. In your dreams. You know how easy Bound For Glory is going to be for me? I'm right now planning on a special entrance for me at Bound For Glory. Because I'm not worried about being in the ring with Eddie Edwards. You know why? I have bigger and better things to worry about than what is Eddie Edwards going to do to me at Bound For Glory?

Just know that I've got a special entrance in mind at Bound For Glory that going to be better than anything I've done before. That's what's at the top of my mind right now. Not Eddie Edwards.

Edwards: Oooh special!

Moose: In fact, Eddie, I might have your wife walk me down to the ring. How do you like that?


Edwards: Oh you're such a funny guy. I'd love to see that happen.

As a former Impact Wrestling Grand Champion, what do you think of the title being discontinued?

Edwards: Well, I got the answer. It was discontinued because Moose was an awful champion. There you go. Move on.

Moose: I don't make the decisions. I just do my job. Obviously, office thought they had something better to do with it. I trust everything that those guys do. That's my answer. It's funny that Eddie says I was an awful champion. At least I won it. I even remember the first actual match for the title. You lost, didn't you? I think you did.

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