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Exclusive: Moose on thinking he's a 'Walking Legend' and the best big man in wrestling; Thoughts on Chris Jericho to Impact Wrestling

Daniel Wood
1.47K   //    06 Oct 2018, 01:08 IST

Moose discusses Impact Wrestling's embracing of the controversial
Moose discusses Impact Wrestling's embracing of the controversial

Moose is someone who has been with Impact Wrestling for a long time, meaning he would have seen the company beforehand and is now seeing the company as it progresses and changes.

One of the bigger changes for Impact Wrestling at the moment seems to be that it's willing to put out some of the more controversial professional wrestling content, so I asked Moose how he felt about all of that. 

You mentioned making Impact a better TV show, obviously, the company is going through a change at the moment. What's it like being part of that and going with them through this process?

Moose: Like I said, what other company has a 'Walking Legend' on their roster at the moment? Does that answer your question?

Legend Counter: Two

That does answer that question. Okay, Impact is one of the more controversial promotions out there at the moment with the LAX hit and run storyline where the OGz ran over a child...

Moose: The child shouldn't have been in the street

Really? The child shouldn't have been in the street? Anyway, as well as the Barbed Wire match with oVe and LAX. No-one else is really doing matches like that on television, is that something you see Impact doing, as being that promotion.

Moose: Yeah, I mean we're going to be different. Other TV shows out there kind of give you the same product and we're trying to be different. And that's why fans are tuning in every Thursday and Friday night here in the UK to watch how different we are and I think that's only going to make wrestling better. 

Next: Moose discusses Eddie Edwards, Chris Jericho and Neville potentially joining Impact Wrestling and find out if he calls himself a legend again! (Spoilers: He does)