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Exclusive: Moose on thinking he's a 'Walking Legend' and the best big man in wrestling; Thoughts on Chris Jericho to Impact Wrestling

Daniel Wood
06 Oct 2018, 01:08 IST

Moose discusses the UK, working with lesser known talent and Eddie Edwards
Moose discusses the UK, working with lesser known talent and Eddie Edwards

As the interview was taking place at Wrestling MediaCon, I wanted to ask Moose about his match against his new arch-enemy Eddie Edwards, what it was like to team with Nathan Cruz and his thoughts on Impact Wrestling broadcasting in the UK.

Naturally, Moose didn't really answer these questions and referred to himself as a legend several times. Amazing. 

You mentioned the UK, one of the things that Impact announced recently is a new broadcasting deal in the UK with Fight Network, how do you feel about that?

Moose: I love it, it's another place to catch us. It's always good for business.

One of the things you did here in the UK was the Impact Wrestling vs UK show where you set foot in the ring with Eddie Edwards for the first time since you betrayed him. How did you feel going into that match?

Moose: I felt great, the question was that you should have asked Eddie how he felt about stepping in the ring with a legend

Legend Counter: Three

You teamed up with Nathan Cruz who is one of the UK guys from World of Sports. Do you feel it's important to give the lesser known wrestlers like that the opportunity to share the same spotlight

Moose: The way I looked at it was that it was a win-win situation. I got to beat the hell out of Eddie Edwards, and Nathan Cruz got to tag with a walking legend, how big for his career was that!

Legend Counter: Four

As an aside, the match between Eddie Edwards and Justin Sysum Vs. Nathan Cruz and Moose from the Impact Wrestling Vs. UK show was fantastic. Moose played the perfect heel avoiding Eddie throughout most of the match, taunting and cheating throughout and there was a great moment where he told everyone in the crowd to move, feigned throwing Sysum into the crowd, and then didn't only to flip them off. Great stuff!


As an extra aside, despite all his talk and bravado in my interview, Moose actually ended up walking out of the match to avoid a beating from Eddie Edwards which ended up costing him and Nathan Cruz the match, so it wasn't exactly a win-win situation! Anyway, back to the interview!

Next: Can Moose get the legend counter even higher and how does he feel about Chris Jericho and Neville potentially joining Impact? Plus, does he have tag-team gold aspirations?

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