Exclusive: Rich Swann Breaks his Silence After Coming to Impact Wrestling

Rich Swann was brimming with positive energy, through the whole teleconference
Rich Swann was brimming with positive energy, through the whole teleconference
Riju Dasgupta

It's official now! Rich Swann has come to Impact Wrestling and will look to reinvent himself after a successful stint in WWE's Cruiserweight Division.

We are informed at the very outset that Swann and his wife Su Yung are in a happy place right now, and questions about the incident should be avoided. Swann was a positive and courteous man who fielded questions about his future with utmost enthusiasm.

I had a chance to ask him three questions. Please let me know your thoughts on Rich Swann coming to Impact Wrestling and mixing it up with the talented roster.

Here's a glimpse of the conversation we had!

How different is the Rich Swann of Impact Wrestling from the man we're used to seeing?

Rich Swann: It's not going to be too different unless something makes me break or makes me snap in a certain type of way. But there's always going to be the happy, dancing, vibrant Rich Swann that you're used to seeing. The Rich Swann you were used to seeing on your TV screens is going to be on Pop, on Impact. And, he's going to be lighting the skies up again.

How excited are you for Slammiversary? Who's your dream Slammiversary opponent?

Rich Swann: Very excited for Slammiversary. I'm excited to here at Impact Wrestling and if I'm fortunate enough to get an opportunity at Slammiversary, I'm just going to throw an off the wall person out there- Jake Crist.

I feel like he is one of the greatest wrestlers in this industry today and I think me and him could set the world on fire, if we had, like, an opening match at Slammiversary.

What do you think of how infamous your friend Sami Callihan has become as a performer and how much controversy he's creating with his character?

Sami Callihan: I think it was inevitable. He's always been one of the most charismatic professional wrestlers that I have ever seen. The first time I ever saw him was in Philadelphia in the ECW Arena, and I was blown away. Never seen a guy with so much intensity.

That translates to today. He's older now and I think he's matured. People can say he's dangerous but he generates some of the biggest buzz in our industry today. People pay to watch Sami Callihan and he's definitely made himself a phenomenon in the professional wrestling business.

Let us know in the comments if you can handle Rich Swann in Impact Wrestling. Catch all the action exclusively on SONY ESPN and SONY ESPN HD.

Edited by Amar Anand
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