Exclusive: Sami Callihan Has Harsh Words For Austin Aries After The Bound For Glory Incident

What does 'The Draw' think about the controversy surrounding the Bound For Glory main event match?
What does 'The Draw' think about the controversy surrounding the Bound For Glory main event match?
Riju Dasgupta

Days after it happened, the world is still buzzing about the Bound For Glory main event. Austin Aries and Johnny Impact went to war, with the latter pinning Aries to become the new Champion. Shortly after the match, Aries no sold Impact's finisher and walked to the back. He flipped the bird at Don Callis, the man in charge of things, who was seated at the commentary booth.

I caught up with Sami Callihan and Josh Mathews in the Impact Wrestling Media Pass Podcast, this week. Callihan is one of the most outspoken men in the roster, and he didn't hold back when I asked him about the incident. Here is a glimpse of our conversation.

Josh, what is the status of James Ellsworth with Impact Wrestling? Was that a one-off appearance or will he be there for the long haul with the company?

Mathews: I think you've to stay tuned. I think you just have to wait and see. I think that was a feel-good moment to see James Ellsworth, although the New York City fans may have disagreed with that. I like James. I think once you see someone once on Impact, you're more likely to see them again on Impact. So, it's a matter of timing and the right situation.

Sami, what did you think of what happened with Austin Aries at the end of his match?

Callihan: F*** Austin Aries. S**** Austin Aries. I don't really care anymore. I'm sick of talking about him. There are a lot of people that busted their a** on that show. Maybe we shouldn't talk about him. Maybe we should talk about me, because I'm actually working for the company.

What did you think of Jake Crist imitating your every move?

Callihan: I think Jake Crist is the most underrated, underutilized guy in any wrestling roster around the world. He truly is the king of being versatile. He can high fly with the best of them. He can go technical with the best of them. He can go hardcore with the best of them. And he's a guy I love having right beside me.



He's my right-hand man. He's my best friend. He's the mini Draw. And I think it's just a matter of time till the people truly know how good he is.

But what do you think of him imitating your every move?

Callihan: That's Jake being Jake and Dave being Dave. What you see on television is what you get in real life. It's always me and Jake clowning around and Dave getting upset. It's no different than any other time, any given day when we are all together.

Be sure to catch Sami Callihan on Impact Wrestling only on the SONY LIV app or SONY ESPN/SONY ESPN HD. What did you think of the whole Austin Aries controversy from Bound For Glory?

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