Impact Wrestling Vs Lucha Underground Results - 6th April, 2018

All of the results from Impact Wrestling vs Lucha Underground
All of the results from Impact Wrestling vs Lucha Underground
Daniel Wood

WrestleMania weekend in New Orleans has been one of the best weekends in wrestling history and this show is evidence of that. Impact Wrestling definitely seems to be on an upswing in fortune and Lucha Underground is going to be back this summer for its fourth season, and we get to see them go head to head in a show that was live-streamed on Twitch.

Some of the matches included Allie vs. Taya Valkyrie for the Knockouts Championship, Austin Aries and Fenix vs. Alberto El Patron and Pentagon Jr and bizarrely oVe vs. Teddy Hart and Scott Steiner. So without further ado, lets get into those results.

Matt Sydal Vs. Jack Evans Vs. Chavo Guerrero Vs. Caleb Konley Vs. Matanza Vs Moose

kicks off Impact Vs LU

Moose and Matanza immediately cleared house and went blow to blow, trying to outdo each other to start off the match, with Moose eventually getting the upper hand. The six men then took it in turns to face off against one another inside the ring

Eventually, the action spilt to the outside and Matt Sydal hit a high-flying manoeuvre to wipe out everyone at ringside. Not to be outdone Jack Evans then hit a Springboard Corkscrew Moonsault and followed up by throwing Sydal back into the ring for the near-fall.

The finish came when Matanza managed to corner Caleb Konley in the ring and hit his finisher for the 3-count.

Result: Mataza Def. Matt Sydal, Caleb Konley, Chavo Guerrero, Jack Evans and Moose

Before the next match, Chavo Guerrero got a microphone and cut a small promo about Lucha Underground's fourth season, following it up with a sneak peek at the trailer, as well as announcing the release date as June 13th

Allie vs Taya Valkyrie - Knockouts Championship Match

Can Allie defend her title against Taya Valkyrie?
Can Allie defend her title against Taya Valkyrie?

The majority of this match was dominated by Taya Valkyrie who seemed unable to put Allie away at every turn. Taya started the match thorougly in control and hit Allie with a brutal running knee into the corner, which was just one of many instances where Taya couldn't get the three count.

Allie endured the punishment from her more powerful opponent and eventually managed to fire up and go on the offensive. This was all she needed to hit Taya with her finisher to retain the Knockouts Championship.

Result: Allie Def. Taya Valkyrie

Scott Steiner and Teddy Hart Vs. oVe

Scott Steiner in tag-team action!
Scott Steiner in tag-team action!

Teddy Hart hits a moonsault to the floor before the match even gets started. This allows Steiner, who starts the match to kick things off on the front foot.

To be fair, this match seemed like it was there to make Steiner look good and put him over, which is pretty much what happens. oVe find themselves on the recieving end of various offensive moves from Steiner and Hart throughout.

Result: Scott Steiner and Teddy Hart Def. oVe

Andrew Everett, DJZ and Desmond Xavier Vs Drago, King Cuerno and Aerostar

This match was full of good lucha things
This match was full of good L

When you put guys from Impact Wrestling like Desmond Xavier, Andrew Everett and DJZ against guys from Lucha Underground like Drago, King Cuerno and Aerostar you know you're going to see some flippy stuff and that's exactly what we got here.

The match started at a breakneck speed with Andrew Everett squaring off against Drago and it continued at the same ridiculous pace for the entirety of the match. Everett got the ball rolling and started with the momentum for his team.

The match then predictably spilt to the outside so that a prolonged series of flips and dives could be enjoyed by all in one of the matches better sequences full of fake-outs, high flying and scary looking athleticism.

Rather ironically in a match with these six men and high-flying moves like the ones above it was a submission manouvre from Drago forcing Andrew Everett to tap out that ended the thrilling affair and put Lucha Underground 2-1 up for the night.

Result: Drago, Aerostar and King Cuerno Def. Andrew Everett, Desmond Xavier and DJZ

After the match, the stars of Impact's X-Division and the Luchadors from Lucha Underground shook hands in a show of respect and raised each other's arms to the crowd

Trevor Lee Vs Famous B

Trevor Lee looks to pick up a win for Team Impact
Trevor Lee looks to pick up a win for Team Impact

Trevor Lee is escorted to the ring by Caleb Konley and Famous B makes his way out. However, Famous B cuts a promo saying that Trevor Lee will be wrestling against someone else, Marty the Moth!

Marty gets most of the offence in, including a pretty good splash to the outside which has become somewhat of a reoccurring thing in this show.

However, Caleb Konley manages to make his presence felt when he distracts Marty and helps Trevor to pick up a victory

Result: Trevor Lee Def. Marty the Moth

LAX Vs. The Mack and Killshot - Impact World Tag Team Championship Match

Can LAX defend their World Tag Titles against he challengers from Lucha Underground
Can LAX defend their World Tag Titles against
challengers from Lucha Underground

Killshot starts the match with a series of counters but the seamless tag-team work of Ortiz and Santana eventually gets LAX the upper hand.

It isn't long however before Killshot and The Mack take back control of the match with their own series of tag-team moves neutralising their opponents and isolating Santana in the ring.

The match continues to go back and forth with both teams gaining, losing and regaining control until there's a sequence where all four men exchange brutal kicks to each other's heads that ends with Killshot hitting a Killstomp in mid-air.

Killshot and The Mack take back control following this and hit a brutal looking Pounce assisted by a throw from the top rope before Killshot hits another Killstop for the near fall.

This is actually a really great back and forth match that ends with LAX regain control again and destroy Killshot with a tag-team move from the top-rope to retain their Impact World Tag Team titles.

Result: LAX Def. The Mack and Killshot to retain the Impact World Tag Team Titles

Eli Drake Vs Brian Cage

Can Eli Drake stop the unstoppable Brian Cage (spoilers: No he can't)
Can Eli Drake stop the unstoppable Brian Cage (Spoilers: No he can't)

Eli Drake comes out and cuts a promo to try and get out of the match, but Brian Cage isn't having any of it. Drake gets the upper hand early in the match but Cage's raw strength eventually allows him to convincingly beat Drake

Result: Brian Cage Def. Eli Drake

Okay, so I'm doing Drake a disservice here, he actually didn't get squashed like I thought he would and had a decent match with Cage, he even hit a fairly nice Suplex onto Cage from the turnbuckle. But obviously he wasn't going to win.

Eddie Edwards vs Jeremiah Crane - I Quit Match

The grudge match between these two is finally here
The grudge match between these two is finally here

This match was the payoff to Sami Callihan being reckless in the ring and nearly blinding Eddie Edwards in one eye and boy-oh-boy was it brutal from the get-go. Regardless of how you feel about a feud being built around a legitimately horrifying injury and reckless in-ring work, these two men have sold their animosity towards each other perfectly and put on one heck of a show.

The match starts with Edwards, who has every right to feel aggrieved, going straight after Crane as he's making his entrance and it, well, it devolves entirely from there with chairs being literally launched at each other, and several unnecessary bumps on the ring apron.

Some more nonsense later and we have Eddie Edwards hitting Crane with a Suplex on the ring apron, and a little bit later we have Crane running at full speed into a chair set up in the turnbuckles. Say what you want about Callihan (Crane) but he's definitely taken some bumps to atone for his sins.

Eddie set Crane up on the top ropes and attempted to plunge him through some chairs but Crane countered by flipping and launching a chair at Eddie, Crane then drove Eddie head first through a steel chair with a Death Valley Driver and trapped his arm in inside another steel chair but Eddie didn't quit.

Crane went and got a crash barrier and put it in the ring attempting to put Eddie through it, however, Eddie managed to counter and Powerbombs Crane through it. Eddie then punished Crane with various weapons and even set up a chair on Crane's chest in a mirror image of what happened to him when he received his eye injury, however, oVe interrupted allowing Crane to knock Eddie out with a chair-shot to the head. Crane then fetches a baseball bat from under the ring

The referee tried to stop Crane but he attacked him. Crane was about to kill Edwards with the bat when the towel is thrown in. Crane doesn't care but thankfully Moose ran out with a steel chair to make the save.

Result: Jeremiah Crane Def. Eddie Edwards in an I-Quit Match when the towel is thrown in on Edward's behalf

Austin Aries Vs Fenix Vs Pentagon Jr

Where the hell is Alberto El Patron?
the hell is
Alberto El Patron?

This match was billed as Austin Aries and Fenix Vs. Alberto El Patron and Pentagon Jr but for no reason whatsoever El Patron didn't turn up and they didn't mention it at all on the show, so it ended up being a Triple-Threat.

Okay, I'm going to be honest, I haven't seen a lot of Lucha Underground and I'm not too familiar with Pentagon Jr or Fenix, but damn can they wrestle. Fenix did this mega impressive arm-drag early on in the match

The three men traded momentum throughout the match, leading to this also super impressive Corkscrew Dive from Fenix to Pentagon Jr and Austin Aries on the outside of the ring.

Aries rallies with a 450 Splash but doesn't get the pin, he is then taken out of the match and we get some of the most insane back and forth between Pentagon Jr and Fenix that I've ever seen at 5:40am in the morning (the joys of being a British wrestling fan)

The finish comes when Pentagon Jr hits Fenix with his finishing move and picks up the pin. There's an awkward moment where it looks like something else will happen with Pentagon having left and Aries being shown still on the floor but nothing does.

Result: Pentagon Jr Def. Fenix and Austin Aries

There's a cool announcement that Pentagon Jr and Fenix will be going one-on-one at Impact's next pay-per-view Redemption, meaning that Lucha Underground and Impact's partnership looks set to continue.

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Edited by Shruti Sadbhav
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