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Emirates Cup

Arsenal not to organise Emirates Cup next season due to Euro 2016

The Emirates Cup was also cancelled in 2012 due to the Summer Olympics, which was hosted by London.

Emirates Cup History

Emirates Cup

Video: Radamel Falcao scores first goal since returning from injury

Falcao scored his first goal since his return from injury in an Emirates Cup match against Arsenal

Video: Arsenal 5-1 Benfica

The scoreline flatters us a bit on the defensive end, as Benfica threatened frequently but could only capitalize once, denying Damian Martinez a clean sheet. Then again, we could have bagged a few more of our own but for some all-too-familiar misses. T...

Arsenal v. Benfica: Match Preview

Good God does it feel good to type those words. Look, I know that the Emirates Cup may rank a little lower than the Community Shield, the League Cup, and other such honors, and that this match is a bit of a gussied-up friendly scrimmage, but its arrival means that we're getting closer and closer to actual matches. Soon, we can set aside the speculating and the wondering and get

Arsene Wenger preparing for stressful month ahead

Arsenal 1-2 Galatasaray: Blame Koscielny

This is all Koscielny's fault.  It's his fault we finished so strong in last season's run-in, his fault that we beat Newcastle on the last day of the season to qualify for the Champions League, his fault that we managed a tie against Napoli on Saturday, his fault that we suffered a loss against Galatasaray on Sunday. It's all his fault that we haven't had any significant signin

Arsenal 2-2 Napoli – Effin’ hell, I’ll take that

After a dismal first half, I think many of us were throwing our hands up in despair. All of our worst fears were coming to the fore: the defense was in shambles, the midfielders looked sluggish, and we seemed content to pass the ball around until we were fouled or lost possession. We couldn't unlock a Napoli team that seemed happy to park the bus and hoof the ball the length of the
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