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FIFA Confederations Cup

Project execution for 2018 FIFA World Cup low: Russian minister

Brazil to host 2019 Copa America

Miami, June 27 (IANS) The Copa America, the world's oldest competition among national soccer teams, will be played in Brazil in 2019, taking the ...

How FIFA calculates its standings for international teams

A detailed look at how FIFA decides the rankings and standings of international teams.

The End of An Era as David Villa bids adieu


Brazil: National Football Team Records

We look at some of the biggest records created by the Brazilian National team over the years.

Brazil promises secure World Cup

FIFA standings and rules - Apr 2014 update

FIFA standings and rules - April update

Fernando Torres should make a return to the La Liga

Video: Pele discusses World Cup and Neymar

FIFA Confederations Cup: Tahiti player fails doping test

2013 FIFA Confederations Cup: Tahitian player provisionally suspended for prohibited substance

The chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee has provisionally suspended a Tahitian international footballer for an initial period of 30 days and opened disciplinary proceedings, following an adverse analytical finding in relation to a doping contro...

Video: Neymar’s goal filmed by Brazilian Air Force

When Spain were not the kings of Football

In the recently concluded Confederations Cup a lot of questions were raised and most were related to the hosts – “Are Brazil indeed ready for the big event next year”?, “How good is Neymar, is he the real deal”?, “Is this the best team Brazil has to offer?”. A lot of these were answered through The post

How Barcelona can help Neymar’s Brazil conquer Spain

Brazil back in FIFA rankings top-10

Five lessons learnt from the 2013 Confederations Cup

Hasn’t the Confederations Cup been great?

Well, hasn’t it been great? From the opening minutes of that opening game when Neymar was firing home that impeccably executed volley, through the thrills and fun of the group games and semi-finals, to the final. I honestly cannot recall one bland game in over the 2 week duration of this year’s Confederations Cup. If The post

Top trolls of the day – 3rd July, 2013

Confederations Cup 2013 graced with Brazilian masterclass

Spain – No longer the best in the world

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