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Some colors have changed The Australian Grand Prix is just weeks away and with all the teams getting ready to unveil their 2015 cars, you can feel ...

Some colors have changed

The Australian Grand Prix is just weeks away and with all the teams getting ready to unveil their 2015 cars, you can feel the anticipation in the air. During the winter break, some drivers have shifted their allegiance and this is why, the new season has all the promises in store. The 2015 grid will consist of 5 World Champions and 9 race-winners. 

Surprising driver moves:

The winter time is known to throw in a surprise or two for all the fans of the sport. Although, most driver deals are made before the end of last season, but the deals officially see the day of light during the off season break.

The pick of the lot this year was the move of Fernando Alonso from Ferrari to his old team McLaren. The Spaniard is making a comeback to the Woking-based squad after 7 years. The gap at the Scuderia has been filled in by, none other than, former Red Bull ace Sebastian Vettel. This series of changes caught everyone by surprise as the whole paddock was certain that these two drivers were the two most unlikely of the people to move.

So this has of course changed a few more dimensions at this year’s grid and this is why, it is vital to rate the driver lineups for the 2015 season. A 2-driver team line-up will be rated upon 10 points each and with an individual driver’s pros and cons. The points have been awarded in terms of previous showcasing of pace, quality of the driver in the last few years, ability to adjust as a teammate and, of course, his overall contribution. 

#9 Sauber F1 Team

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The Sauber C34

Sauber is another team which would like to forget 2014 as quickly as possible. The Swiss squad endured a pointless season last time around, and by virtue of it, finished behind, the now defunct Marussia team, in the standings. For this year, Sauber got all inspired with its driver lineup and roped in the two-guys who had the biggest pot of gold. The Ericsson-Nasr pair has the talent, but one isn’t sure that these two were the best available drivers in the market. But, survival and financial backing was the key.

9. Marcus Ericsson

He is the de jure team leader and de facto number one driver for Sauber. Ericsson had a torrid last year where the Caterham never was under his control, but that was a problem created by the team. But still, he was always playing second fiddle to his teammate(s).


  • Has experience in F1, which always helps.
  • Showed decent race-craft last year.
  • Has financial backing, which will keep his and Sauber’s racing going.


  • Deemed as a Grade-A pay driver.
  • Looked clumsy sometimes.

12. Felipe Nasr

He is another driver who has a huge financial and sponsorship package behind him. The Brazilian had been knocking on the doors of F1 since last year and has finally got a chance. During his time at GP2 he didn’t set the world on fire. Though he won handful of races there and he was often seen fighting near the top.


  • Young and has shown glimpses of talent; brings in a breath of fresh air.
  • He has the finances to keep his and Sauber’s season going.



  • With no Marussia or Caterham, chances are that he will be racing, either his teammate, or no one.
  • Finances got him here, not talent purely.

Pair Rating: 4/10

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