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5 Feuds for The Undertaker in 2017


What's next for the Deadman?

Even at age 51, The Undertaker appearing is a license to print money

On the 900th episode of SmackDown, which aired on November 21st, the Undertaker, WWE’s most iconic performer ever, made his first appearance on the brand in many years. He cut a promo, in which he stated that he’d no longer be defined by WrestleMania.

This was an indication that we’d be seeing the Undertaker far more than his usual yearly WrestleMania appearance, which is a good thing for all parties involved.

The Undertaker is a wrestler of mythic proportions, revered by everyone both within WWE and in its fanbase. His popularity transcends all demographics, and his importance to WWE and its history cannot be overstated.

The fact that he appears to be back now on a more regular schedule is great news for SmackDown, as it gives that show an important figure to help them in the (supposedly-ongoing) battle with RAW for brand supremacy.

The big question on everyone’s mind is, what will the Undertaker do?

In theory, he could do literally anything, and the fans would cheer him. But the truth is that the Undertaker isn’t getting any younger, and his physical status becomes more limiting with each passing week. So in order to make the most out of the Undertaker’s more frequent appearances, WWE has to make his involvement on SmackDown mean something.

He needs to have an important role on the show.

So where would he fit? Well, out of all the wrestlers on SmackDown, the following five would be the best choices for the person lucky enough to share the screen with the legendary Undertaker.

#5 Kane (As Undertaker’s Tag Team Partner)

Undertaker and Kane would both have the biggest beer bellies in the world. They’d still be more awesome than you.

After SmackDown went off the air, the Undertaker was joined briefly by his brother Kane, who came out to do their Brother of Destruction double arm-in-the-air salute. This was probably done for nostalgic purposes, but one shouldn’t put it past WWE to possibly put the famous brothers back together for one more run.

It would be interesting to see Kane and the Undertaker back together as teammates one more time. Although both of them are clearly past their primes, both have proven they can still work surprisingly well. While Kane is much slower than he used to be, he can still work a regular TV match and still execute his regular moves without much concern.

Taker meanwhile is in incredible shape for a man over fifty with many artificial body parts. Although his most recent match was gimmicked heavily, he has shown that he can wrestle a lengthy match and still keep the crowd immersed in his actions.

With SmackDown’s tag team division lacking in big names, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a demonic kick in the ass.

Having the Brothers of Destruction team up for one last hurrah as Tag Team Champions would elevate the entire division, as everyone would work harder to ensure they have a good match with two certified legends, and the titles would mean more with such important figures going after them. Also, Double Chokeslams galore.

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