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5 WWE wrestlers who wrestled while being intoxicated


You will not believe the state in which some wrestlers have entered the ring in the past

The Sandman was notorious for showing up drunk

Wrestling in its purest form is one of the most dangerous acts an individual can ever put his body through. Whether in front of 20,000 people or 20, the risks wrestlers take in the ring are nothing short of amazing.

All around the globe, the sport of wrestling and the art of sports entertainment are being performed with high amounts of risk, but once in a while, a wrestler feels the need to put his life in even more danger.

For whatever reason, there have been multiple occasions where wrestlers have entered a ring and performed whilst being intoxicated, yes intoxicated. Let’s take a look at some such wrestlers:

#1 Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy was trained to wrestle by Dory Funk, Jr. 

In 2011, the bad boy of wrestling Jeff Hardy experienced the lowest moment of his career. In a once in a lifetime dream match, Jeff Hardy was advertised to step into the ring with WCW icon Sting in a world title match on PPV.

This main event had all the hype and promotion that TNA needed to finally gain some momentum on the WWE and what happened? Jeff Hardy threw it all away. In a shocking turn of events, Hardy stumbled his way down to the ring completely wasted, like completely. He swayed from side to side and took a good three minutes just to enter the ring.

His state forced officials to re-book the match on the spot. After the official introductions, Eric Bischoff came down (unscripted) to "shake both competitor's hands," but in reality, he was relaying the new format of the match. A format that would see Sting go over in less than a minute. Here’s a video of the whole incident:

If you ever wanted to see an example of a performer completely dropping the ball this was it, talk about unprofessionalism. The main event of a PPV and you roll up to the ring intoxicated? Jeff Hardy's incompetence shows why TNA will never ever supersede WWE.  

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