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Bill Goldberg Net Worth and Salary


What is Bill Goldberg's net worth and earnings?

What is Goldberg worth?

Bill Goldberg will be making his long-awaited return to WWE in a matter of time, and fans could not be more excited about it. The legend made his name in WCW after fluttering back and forth in the NFL and being cut off by the Carolina Panthers. In WCW, Goldberg made his reputation as an unstoppable monster.

He won the WCW World Championship twice and even won the World Heavyweight Championship once in his year-long WWE stint.

After his stint in WWE, Goldberg transitioned into acting and MMA commentary. Despite not being in wrestling, he has made a fine living for himself. The question is, what is Goldberg’s current Net worth?

Goldberg’s Net Worth is estimated to be, $14 Million. His annual salary is estimated to be $1,647,059 according to networthtomb

Goldberg's Net worth has increased over the years. Let's take a look at the increase over the last 3 years.


His earnings over the course of these same years are as follows:


In his WCW stint, for the first 3 years, his fixed annual salary according to his contract was $2,500,000 a year minus bonuses and merchandise sales. From his fourth year, he earned upwards $3,500,000 a year minus bonuses and merchandise sales.


Goldberg’s WCW payroll.

Goldberg has made an estimated $8,941,609 from 6 of his movies alone.  He also makes around $366,013 a year from sponsorships and endorsements.

It is not known how much he has made from his stints as a commentator for MMA promotions World Fighting Alliance(WFA), K-1 Dynamite USA and EliteXC, but he definitely would not be working for peanuts.

He is set to return to WWE very soon for a one-off against Brock Lesnar, that will either take place at Survivor Series this year in Toronto, Canada, or next year in Royal Rumble which will take place in San Antonio, Texas, in the legendary Alamodome stadium, which WWE has been promoting as a return 20 years in the making.

It does seem logical to have the match at the Alamodome as they are trying to break the 1997 record held there by themselves of 60,525. If they hold the bout as a special attraction there, it would definitely help to put “butts in seats” as the old saying goes.

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