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Chris Jericho net worth and salary

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Chris Jericho net worth and salary
The Wall of Jericho seem lined with cash!

Google “Chris Jericho net worth” and you get $18 Million in a bigger than usual font. Chris Jericho, a 26 year veteran of the wrestling business, has also etched his name as a rock star, singer, author, actor, television host, media personality and businessman.

Here we have a look at how the first ever Undisputed WWE Champion, Chris Jericho, is worth each penny he is estimated to be, and how he compares to other famous names of the wrestling business.  

Chris Jericho net worth – $18 million

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Chris Jericho started his illustrious career in 1990 in Canada, then travelled to Mexico, Japan finally making it to the big 3: ECW, WCW and the WWE and settling in the United States. He has won as many as 31 championships, across these three promotions, and is the only Grand Slam Champion to win each and every possible championship WWE/WCW had to offer.

He is also a record nine-time WWE Intercontinental Champion. Isn’t that a resume to be envious of?

Apart from wrestling Chris Jericho is also the lead singer for the Heavy Metal Rock band Fozzy and has a successful podcast. He has also authored his three autobiographies, hosted a couple of TV shows, and acted in a few movies amongst others.

So how did Chris Jericho earn all his wealth?

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Well, most of his earning are from being a wrestler, a good one I might add. Jericho went away from wrestling to pursue his other talents for a little while. In 2014, he returned as a part-timer to the WWE and continued this schedule till 2015.

Chris Jericho became a regular to the injury-hit WWE roster since then and now makes around a million dollars in salary ($ 974,000 to be precise) yearly.

Apart from this base salary, he also enjoys incentives through live events, appearances and merchandise loyalty bonuses (3% to 5%). Wrestlers have also been a part of WWE video games, so Jericho has also been paid royalties throughout his long career.

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It is estimated that top tier superstars make somewhere between $20000 to $100000 every year, through these games.

Chris Jericho salary has always been in the upper echelon, since turning a main event superstar during the ruthless aggression era. Only a handful of superstars like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, John Cena, Randy Orton made more than Jericho in a calendar year.

Chris Jericho lost the opportunity to make a major chunk of money when he turned heel in 2008 and decided to let go of all his merch to stay true to his heel personal. Unlike most wrestlers mentioned above, Jericho does not enjoy the luxury of travel and accommodation provided by the WWE right now.

He used too, until 2008, but not anymore. However, Chris Jericho gets PPV bonuses.

Chris Jericho net worth and salary
Chris Jericho/Mongoose McQueen is the lead singer of band FOZZY

Chris Jericho tapped into his alter ego Mongoose McQueen while being part of his band Fozzy. Interestingly Mongoose refused to know who Chris Jericho was, whereas Chris Jericho was a fan of Mongoose McQueen and Fozzy.

Jericho started the band in 1999 and has been an integral part since. Fozzy has released 6 albums and next one is announced to be out next year. The ayatollah of rock n rolla, sang his way straight to the bank, whenever he took a break from wrestling by doing tours and releasing albums.

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Money kept flowing in for Jericho through the medium of television. A constant host and contributor at VH1 music and pop culture shows, he also appeared on a number of television shows for WWE and other companies as himself.

Chris Jericho is no stranger to reality TV, being a part of Celebrity Duet, only to be eliminated in the first week. He became most recognised when he put his dancing shoes on while contesting in Dancing with the Stars season 12. Chris Jericho lasted six weeks which earned him around $200,000 to $250,000.

Chris Jericho net worth and salary
Chris Jericho was part of Dancing With The Starts with pro Cheryl Burke

Turning pages to his autobiographies, Chris Jericho has 3 of them, with the fourth one on its way. The first, ‘A Lion's Tale: Around the World in Spandex’, was a New York Times bestseller, so one would expect he printed a lot of green from this venture of his.

As the title of his books suggests, these books have a comic turn on how he lived his life in the wrestling and music worlds.

Moving on to movies, Y2J has starred in a handful movies. Most notable was MacGruber, which was based on a sketch on Comedy Night Live. Chris Jericho also hosted an episode of the show back in 2006. 

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Apart from gracing us with his on-screen roles, this guy has his own podcast. ‘Talk is Jericho’ is well supported by over 20 sponsors and also has premier paid user option. Isn’t that a good way add to your net worth, while giving your 2 cents on the topics you love?

18 Million dollars evaluation is not a true reflection of what this multi talented personality is capable of. Chris Jericho is bound to make more money, as he furthers his career as the true veteran of the sports entertainment business. 

Here is how Chris Jericho’s net worth compares to some other wrestlers

Chris Jericho’s net worth – $18 million

Kane’s net worth – $7 million

Edge’s net worth – $14 million

Bill Goldberg’s net worth – $14 million

Bret Hart’s net worth – $14 million

The Rock’s net worth – $185 million

Bray Wyatt’s net worth – $8.5 million

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s net worth – $45 million

The Undertaker’s net worth – $16 million

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