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Roman Reigns Net Worth

Leati Joseph Anoaʻi of the famous Anoa’I family is popularly known as Roman Reigns in the world of professional wrestling. He has been the face and one of the most popular wrestlers of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) since 2014.


Reigns has headlined multiple major WWE events, including the last three WrestleManias (31, 32 and 33). Presently he holds the Intercontinental Championship Title, and has been the WWE Champion and the World Heavyweight Champion too.


WWE RAW Pre-Show Red Carpet

He is known as the “Big Dog” owing to his physical appearance and his use of brute strength.


Roman Reigns Salary


Reigns is one of the highest paid athletes in the WWE, as the company has constantly made efforts to promote him as the face of the company. He earns an annual salary of approximately $1.2 million & above.


This is subject to additional bonuses and winnings. As a gross figure his take-home salary ends up in a figure which is in close proximity of $2 million. His salary has seen an increasing trend.


He made something higher than $200,000 in 2013, just a tenth of what he makes now as a professional wrestler. With growing pay-per-view subscriptions the amount of money earned by WWE superstars like Reigns will also increase.


Other Sources


Despite being from a humble background Reigns has shown a knack of investing, with his private investments being worth $2.2 million.


He has also appeared in movies and television shows. He has played himself on TV shows like Conan, Total Divas and Good Morning America. He has also shown a propensity to be linked to Hollywood itself, much like the Rock.


Roman Reigns Net Worth 2019


The present net worth of Roman Reigns is about $12 million and is expected to rise by 22% every year.

Age Marital Status
Spouse Source of wealth
Galina BeckerWrestling
Salary Company
$1.2 – 2 millionWWE
Pensacola, Florida, USA

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