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Roman Reigns
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Roman Reigns, also known as Leati Joseph Anoaʻi, is an American expert grappler and former football player right now endorsed by WWE. He has an impressive career, portrayed by various titles and awards. The Big Dog at first associated with football and played for Georgia Tech before his terms with NFL teams such as the Jacksonville Panthers and Minnesota Vikings.

The Tribal Chief was endorsed by WWE in 2010 and appeared on the main roster in 2012 close by Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose (The Shield). Since 2014, Reigns has been performing as a singles wrestler after The Shield was disbanded. He has since turned into a six-time World Titleholder, holding the Universal Title 2 times and the WWE Title 4 times. The Head of the Table has come out on top for different championships including the Intercontinental Title, US Title, and WWE Tag Team Title.

The Enforcer also holds accomplishments like a Royal Rumble win in 2015, competing in the main event of WrestleMania a few times, and listing his name in the top spot in the PWI list (2016 and 2022). Reigns has been the owner of the Universal Title for 1300+ days which is itself a record in the title's history. The Powerhouse is also famous as a vital figure in the wrestling world for his in-ring abilities.

Who is Roman Reign's Wife

Galina Becker is the spouse of Roman Reigns. Her full name is Galina Joelle Becker. She is the youngest child of her parents, Mildred and Kevin Becker. She has two elder sisters named Molisa Cooper and Undine Becker.

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How old is Galina Becker

Galina was born on March 11, 1987. She is currently 37 years old as of April 2024. Galina was born in Jacksonville, on the south bank of Florida, in the United States of America.

What is Galina Becker’s Net Worth?

Galina Becker, the professional fitness expert has a net worth of $3 million as of April 2024. She earns from fitness modeling, various business deals, and endorsements. Her husband, Roman Reigns also has a gigantic net worth of $20 million as of April 2024.

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What does Galina Becker do for a living?

Galina Becker was a student of business management at Georgia Tech. As per Georgia Tech Athletics, she was endorsed to the track and field team of her school in November 2004. During her secondary school days, Galina set individual records at the California state meet for the long jump, triple jump, 100-meter dash, and 100-meter hurdles in 2003. Her husband, Roman Reigns mentioned her as a "great athlete" in 2018 and a "Best Friend" previously. Galina proceeded to fill in as a fitness model in the wake of graduating in 2009.

How long Roman Reigns and Galina Becker have been married?

Roman and Galina got married in 2014 on a private island of Disney in a traditional Samoan style. They also took their elder daughter Joelle on a Disney Cruise for their wedding. "A Whole New World" was the wedding song of Roman and Galina. Galina Becker met Roman Reigns at the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2007, where they both studied together. Roman and Galina were dating for almost seven years before getting married in 2014 and have been together for more than 15 years. Roman shares five children with Galina. Their elder daughter Joelle was born in 2007 and they had their first twin sons in 2016 and the next twin sons four years later in 2020. However, Roman and Galina have never disclosed the names of their four sons.


Q. What is the real name of Roman Reign’s wife?

A.The real name of Roman Reign’s wife is Galina Joelle Becker

Q. How old is Roman Reign’s wife?

A. Roman Reign’s wife is 37 years old as of April 2024.

Q. What is the height of Roman Reign’s wife?

A. Galina Becker, wife of Roman Reigns, is 5 feet, 8 inches tall.

Q. When was Roman Reigns married to Galina Becker?

A. Roman Reigns married Galina Becker in 2014.

Q: How many children Roman and Galina have?

A. Roman and Galina have five children, a daughter and four sons.