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Brock Lesnar is a pro-wrestler and former UFC Fighter. He is one of the highest paid WWE Superstar. He has won championships in WWE as well as UFC. The Beast Incarnate has dominated every sport since his debut.

The amateur wrestler turned UFC legend, Brock Lesnar has stepped up to every challenge and won championship gold across the globe. Brock Lesnar has an impressive resume and is the biggest sports person on this planet. The Beast Incarnate has often dominated the wrestling mat and UFC cage

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Brock Lesnar works in WWE

Where does he live now?

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Brock Lesnar lives in Maryfield

Brock Lesnar has been a selective person and does not wish to open up much about his personal life. He is aware of the effects of being in the limelight for an overstayed period. Brock is originally from Maple Plain, Minnesota. However, he does not live in the USA.

Brock Lesnar lives in Maryfield, Saskatchewan, with his family. He has strong ties with farming and has been following his roots for a very long time. Lesnar owns a farm in Maryfield and spends most of his time home when he isn’t traveling or out for matches and media appearances.

As mentioned, Brock has two houses, one in Minnesota and the other in Saskatchewan. The value of his home in Minnesota is around 800,000 and 2.1 million in Saskatchewan.

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Photos from outside of Brock Lesnar's house

Brock Lesnar House

Brock Lesnar’s house

Pic: Brock Lesnar's house is for sale ... and it's not that fabulous -

Photos from inside of Brock Lesnar's house

Discover the mansion of wrestler Brock Lesnar in Minnesota.

Brock Lesnar's House Can Be Your Home | Others

Brock Lesnar's House Can Be Your Home | Others

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FAQs on Brock Lesnar's House

Q1. How much is Brock Lesnar’s house in worth?

The house in Maryfield, Saskatchewan is worth of $2.1 Million.

Q2. In what all places does Brock Lesnar have a house?.

Brock Lesnar had a house in Minnesota

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