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Vince McMahon Net Worth

Vince Kennedy McMahon is an American professional wrestling promoter and executive, alongside being an entrepreneur, film producer and an actor. He is also a former professional wrestler having won the WWF Championship in 1999 and the ECW World Championship in 2007. He is best known for being the Chairman and CEO of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), which draws in nearly $1 billion in revenue annually. He is also the founder of Alpha Entertainment, who are going to hold the proposed American Football league known as the XFL.

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The single most powerful and influential figure in professional wrestling, he represents the third generation of the McMahons who have been in the business of professional wrestling. Having bought his father’s venture Capitol Wrestling Federation in 1982, he began an expansion project that would go on to change the face of professional wrestling in America. Professional wrestling had long been not considered a legitimate sport, and it was even touted as being an unappealing lowbrow form of entertainment. However, Vince single-handedly changed the entire outlook of professional wrestling by introducing wrestlers with theatrical personae and flashy costumes while also including elaborate storylines and staging scenes that suited the interests of the arena crowd and the cable audience. The move was immensely successful as it drove the WWE to its pinnacle in recent years.

McMahon has been named in the Forbes 400 which names the richest Americans and is ranked at #239 in the list.

Net Worth in 2018

His personal wealth is estimated to be around $1.69 billion, however he and his family also have around 70 percent shareholdings in the WWE which is valued at $2.5 billion. Therefore including his share value and personal wealth, his net worth is estimated to be around to the figure of $3.3 billion. His shares in WWE are extremely profitable and last year made a revenue of $800 million. With an ever increasing fan base and new television deals, his valuation is still on course for an upward surge.


McMahon made an especially steep climb in fortunes in 2018, as he nearly doubled his valuation as the WWE reported record revenues and extremely strong Q2 2018 results.


McMahon has a lot of dealings in real estate and hedge fund investments. His mansion at Greenwich estate is estimated to be around $40 million while also owning a penthouse at Stamford which is worth $12 million and a vacation home valued at $20 million. He also owns multiple residential properties in New York City, Las Vegas and Boca Raton, Fl. He has major dealings in public bond market too, having general obligation bonds in Connecticut cities like Norwalk and Danbury.

McMahon is also making a huge investment in a bid to resurrect the XFL, which is expected to be around $500 million over the course.

AgeSource of Wealth
73Entertainment, Self-made
$500 millionNone
Greenwich, CTNone
Marital StatusCharity
Married (to Linda McMahon with two children)Breast Cancer Foundation, Greenwich Alliance for Education

Who is the real owner of WWE?
Who is the real owner of WWE?
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