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Relationship with Brie Bella started as a story line: Daniel Bryan


Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan

WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan has revealed that the relationship with Brie Bella started as a story line and said that they eventually ended up dating each other after that.

“It actually started as a story line and then we really hit it off. Actually it was shortly before our story line ended we kind of started dating each other. We kind of started off really slow, but now we’ve been together for two and a half years,” he said on an interview in Rover’s Morning Glory.

Bryan shared his experience in the independent circuit and said that wrestling in the independent circuit is like being in an Indy rock band. He also added that he doesn’t like oiling up like other wrestlers in order to look good on screen.

“I’m not one of those guys that oils up before he goes out there, but a lot of the guys do and I think it’s because people are so self-conscious about image and stuff like that,” he said.

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