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WWE News: Ric Flair refuses to comment when asked about Halle Berry sex accusation


Is Ric Flair regretting his claims about sleeping with Halle Berry?

CONCORD, NC - JANUARY 20:  Former American Professional Wrestler Ric Flair speaks with the media during the NASCAR Sprint Media Tour hosted by Charlotte Motor Speedway, held at the Embassy Suites, on January 20, 2010 in Concord, North Carolina.  (Photo by Jason Smith/Getty Images)
Ric Flair has a change of attitude regarding his Halle Berry claims

The story regarding Ric Flair and Halle Berry has been covered all over the Internet within the past week. As reported, it all started when Flair made mention that he slept Berry in 1997 after she divorced then-baseball player David Justice. While seemingly in full-on Nature Boy character, his co-host asked if there is truth to this claim. Flair answered, “Why would I lie?”

This caused an uproar to Berry’s reps, as her publisher and friends immediately went on record to state that this statement was far from the truth, and that she was offended by what was stated. Moreover, Berry reps stated that they have not even heard of Ric Flair. 

LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 15:  Actress Halle Berry attends The 2015 ESPYS at Microsoft Theater on July 15, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
Halle Berry claims to have never slept with Ric Flair

Ric Flair has been one to boast about his sleeping around with women. On the same show, he mentioned how he has slept with many women. Maybe Flair wants to tout about something a little bit more helpful to his image, seeing how he is currently working on his fifth wife at 67 years old. Nevertheless, the “party and women” lifestyle is something that Flair seemingly cannot manage to shake, compared to many of his professional wrestling peers. 

This choice of living has also came with some heavy baggage, paying his former wives sums that is forcing him to stay in the pro wreslting business. Flair, though, is still “styling and profiling”, holding nothing back. Or is he?

When recently stopped by TMZ, the arrogant, talkative 16-time World Heavyweight Champion showed a different side, which reeked of “Oops. I think I may have made a mistake.” Asked about the Halle Berry claims, Flair simply said that he has “no comment”. Interesting for him to retreat at this point, when it becomes national news. Continually being prodded by the reporter, Flair ended up stating that she is a good actress and a “nice person”. 

It would be interesting to see if WWE sweeps this under the rug, since he is still involved with the company. Moreover, hopefully this does not bleed over to the image of his daughter, Charlotte, who is doing a great job in the WWE right now. Thankfully, Flair is not involved in any major storylines with his daughter at the current time, and probably will not in the near future, if ever. For his fans, perhaps the only thing that could satisfy their Ric Flair fix is to listen to him on his podcast, where I am sure he will have more bizarre stories to share. 

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