6 AEW finishers that can be performed on anyone

Black Mass is a devastating finisher
Black Mass is a devastating finisher
Uday Maggon

AEW boasts of wrestlers with highly protected and vaunted finishers. Finishers are expected to end the match in that instant and hence are of utmost importance in wrestling. A wrestler's finisher's name, presentation and execution can elevate their credibility on the roster and perception among fans.

However, not every finisher is executable on every opponent. It's almost impossible to fathom Kenny Omega getting Paul Wight up in the electric chair to perform the One-Winged-Angel.

Similarly, Lance Archer, as strong as he is, will struggle to get a big opponent like Mark Henry up for the Blackout. Kris Statlander will most likely not be able to catch Nyla Rose for the Big Bang Theory.

Some finishers can be performed on any superstar, regardless of the size of either wrestler or the difference in size. Let's look at six AEW finishers that can be executed on anyone.

#6. Coffin Drop- Darby Allin's finisher in AEW

Coffin Drop is one of the most dangerous finishers to pull off in AEW. The risk factor associated with the move blends beautifully with Darby Allin's style of wrestling.

The Coffin Drop requires a wrestler to fall on their back on an incapacitated opponent, usually from the top rope. Therein lies the difficulty, the move has to be performed with Allin facing the other way. Since he lands on his back, the margin for error is slim to none as a few inches here and there could lead to painful repercussions.

Since the move has to be performed on an opponent while they are laying on the mat, Coffin Drop can be performed on just about anyone as long as Darby can incapacitate them for long enough to stay down while he makes his way to the top rope. We saw the same when Darby Allin put away the much bigger Bear Bronson on AEW Dark: Elevation.

#5. Black Arrow- PAC's finisher in AEW

Continuing with thrilling, high-flying AEW finishers, the next entry on the list is PAC's Black Arrow.

It's astounding how perfectly PAC executes this move every single time and he makes it look effortless and smooth as silk. Make no mistake, Black Arrow is an extremely difficult move to pull off. It is hard enough to follow the body movements mid-flight, let alone land perfectly to cause minimal impact on oneself.

Once again, since this is a top rope move, it can be performed on anyone as long as they are hurt enough to stay down. PAC is one of the very best in AEW and Black Arrow is the most suitable finisher for the Englishman to showcase his athleticism.

#4. Judas Effect- Chris Jericho's finisher in AEW

Chris Jericho used the Codebreaker as his finisher for years in WWE. Due to a character change in AEW, coupled with his new theme song 'Judas', Le Champion changed his finisher to Judas Effect.

The Judas Effect is essentially a spinning elbow to the temple. When executed properly, it knocks out the opponent in moments and has helped the Demo God win multiple matches in AEW, including the inaugural AEW World Championship match.

As it is a move that requires both wrestlers to be on their feet, Chris Jericho can strike with the Judas Effect out of nowhere and on anyone.

#3. Three Count- Hikaru Shida's finisher in AEW

Hikaru Shida finishes off Nyla Rose
Hikaru Shida finishes off Nyla Rose

The longest titleholder in AEW history, Hikaru Shida's finisher is a vicious knee strike to a kneeling opponent, called the Three Count. It has helped her put away many opponents, including Nyla Rose at Double or Nothing when she won her first AEW Women's Championship.

Shida usually attempts to get as much momentum behind her as possible as she bounces off the ropes and strikes her opponents in the head with her knee.

It's a devastating move and if she can execute it on the Native Beast, she can pull it off against anyone.

#2. Paradigm Shift- Jon Moxley's finisher in AEW

Jon Moxley currently uses Paradigm Shift as his finisher in AEW, a snap double underhook DDT. Sometimes he elevates his opponents to a decent height before driving their head into the mat or the floor.

Moxley used the same move, albeit under a different name, in WWE. But he executes it more intensely in AEW. At times, it's almost like a mix between a DDT and a headlock driver, making it look even more dangerous.

Paradigm Shift has earned him plenty of victories, including the all-important win at AEW Revolution 2020 against Chris Jericho for the AEW World Championship.

#1. Black Mass- Malakai Black's finisher in AEW

Malakai Black picked up a squash victory over AEW EVP Cody Rhodes on his in-ring debut for AEW. Black is known for his crisp, hard-hitting kicks and his finisher, the Black Mass, epitomizes that.

Black Mass is a spinning heel kick that looks extremely painful, especially when sold well. Malakai Black used the same finisher in WWE and defeated the likes of Adam Cole in NXT with his finisher. It was highly protected then, as hardly anyone ever kicked out of the Black Mass.

Now in AEW, Black Mass has already been established as one of the strongest finishers. Arn Anderson had the misfortune of being the first recipient as Malakai Black knocked the mic out of his hand with the kick, before bestowing the same fate upon Cody Rhodes.

In the build-up to the Cody vs Black match at AEW Homecoming, fan favorite Fuego del Sol ate a Black Mass and sold it to perfection.

Malakai Black standing over Cody Rhodes and pinning him with a foot on his chest will always be a testament to the effectiveness of Black Mass. Moreover, being a kick, Black can strike just about anyone with it.

Edited by Vedant Jain

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