5 current WWE Superstars who could be booked better in AEW

Ricochet could participate in several dream matches in AEW.
Ricochet could participate in several dream matches in AEW! [Images via WWE.com & Tony Khan's IG]

WWE's creative direction has improved drastically in the last two years. Under Triple H's leadership, the Stamford promotion has witnessed a massive resurgence, which has led to the emergence of several main event talents.

From LA Knight to Chad Gable, many underrated performers have been allowed to prove themselves on the big stage, which would have never transpired under Vince McMahon. However, not every superstar has reaped the benefits of the Triple H era.

Considering WWE's bloated roster, every superstar can't receive a sustained push. While the same problem is also observed in AEW, certain current WWE Superstars may have a better shot at success in Tony Khan’s promotion.

Here's a look at five WWE Superstars who could be better booked in All Elite Wrestling:

#5. WWE Speed Champion Ricochet reclaims his prime form in All Elite Wrestling!

Ricochet's WWE career has left a lot to be desired for fans. Before his debut in the Stamford-based promotion, the RAW Superstar was a wrestling sensation, thanks to his insane acrobatic abilities.

However, the management failed to utilize Ricochet's immense potential on the main roster. Despite his consistently breathtaking performances, the WWE Speed Champion was relegated to the mid-card scene. Prince Puma's limitations on the mic did not help his case much, which held him back from succeeding in a story-driven WWE.

With reports of Ricochet's contract being up soon, the former United States Champion may consider taking his talent to AEW. The Jacksonville-based promotion focuses highly on match quality, making it the perfect environment for Ricochet to thrive.

A rematch against his old rival Will Ospreay might just be what the high-flyer needs to remind the world of his worth.

#4. Cedric Alexander may get his breakout moment in AEW!

Cedric Alexander has had a strange run in WWE. While he did get mini-pushes under Vince McMahon's leadership, the company never involved him in any major storylines.

The former Cruiserweight Champion enjoyed a prominent role as part of The Hurt Business in 2020-21. However, Alexander failed to get another shot at breaking the glass ceiling after the group disbanded.

The 34-year-old was recently paired up with Ashante Adonis on WWE SmackDown, hinting at a possible push for the athletic performers. However, there was no follow-up to their alliance, which seemingly confirmed a lack of plans for Cedric Alexander.

The SmackDown Superstar is a proven commodity that can still offer a lot inside the ring. With his current employers failing to realize his potential, Alexander should consider trying his luck in AEW.

Tony Khan usually prefers to hire seasoned talents like Cedric Alexander, who can keep fans hooked with their innovative combat. Swerve Strickland, Jon Moxley, and Eddie Kingston are only a few such names who realized their true potential under the AEW banner.

AEW has a history of capitalizing on the untapped potential of former WWE Superstars, which could work in favor of the former Hurt Business member.

#3. Natalya writes a new chapter in her career in AEW!

Natalya has remained a loyal WWE veteran for several years. The Queen of Harts is a well-respected member of the female locker room, courtesy of her invaluable contributions to women's wrestling.

Having stayed in WWE for over a decade, Natalya could do well with a change of scenery. With the company looking to push younger talents like Liv Morgan and Rhea Ripley, the Best of All Time may no longer be the priority.

A move to AEW will benefit The Queen of Harts in many ways. Aside from new opponents, the former Women's Champion will also get a chance to experiment with her character in Tony Khan's promotion. Moreover, Natalya could be the rightful guiding force for a female roster, which is still a work in progress.

#2. Johnny Gargano can be a potential main event talent in AEW!

Despite Triple H being at the helm, Johnny Gargano's main roster run has been underwhelming. Once regarded as the face of NXT, the Cleveland native has yet to have a breakout performance on the company's main roster.

The veteran is currently stuck in a directionless tag team with Tommaso Ciampa, which has held both performers back from solo success.

Known to churn out in-ring classics consistently, Johnny will probably benefit from Tony Khan as his boss. The last two years have not been very productive for Gargano, which has hurt his credibility to a great extent.

With the main event scene being stacked with many top names, it is unlikely that the 36-year-old will get an opportunity at the world title anytime soon.

AEW would welcome a world-class talent like Gargano with open arms whenever he decides to switch companies. From Bryan Danielson to Will Ospreay, there are several elite dream opponents in AEW that Johnny Gargano would not want to miss out on.

#1. Shinsuke Nakamura has a career resurgence in AEW!

Before his arrival on the main roster, Shinsuke Nakamura was a force to be reckoned with. From Japan to NXT, The King of Strong Style held the main-event position wherever he performed.

While Nakamura did win the Royal Rumble during his first year on SmackDown, his career took a sudden nosedive the moment he lost to AJ Styles at WrestleMania 34.

Unnecessary character changes, strange tag team alliances, and a lack of a consistent push hurt Nakamura's standing on the main roster heavily. In 2024, The Artist finds himself as a member of SmackDown, without any clear direction for his future.

Once his deal expires, a move to AEW could help the former NXT Champion revitalize his career. Tony Khan's company has a great track record when it comes to pushing former NJPW talents.

The likes of Will Ospreay, Jay White, and Kazuchika Okada have enjoyed their time in AEW so far, which could prompt Nakamura to join Tony Khan’s roster. Backed by proper creative booking, The King of Strong Style could be an elite asset for WWE's rival promotion.

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