5 dream matches for the Bullet Club in IMPACT Wrestling/AEW

The Bullet Club has shown up on both IMPACT and AEW Dynamite over the past week.
The Bullet Club has shown up on both IMPACT and AEW Dynamite over the past week.

The Bullet Club is by far the most influential stable of the past decade in wrestling. Since its formation in 2013, the group has made a name for itself for being star makers and merchandise movers. Prince Devitt was the original leader of the faction and went on to great success in WWE as Finn Balor. AJ Styles revitalized his career and became a WWE Champion.

Kenny Omega exiled Styles from the Bullet Club and took over. He has gone on to become IWGP Heavyweight Champion and AEW World Champion. Stars like The Good Brothers and The Young Bucks have won tag team titles in top promotions across the world. The Bullet Club has left a mark on this industry that is truly undeniable.

With the new era of the Bullet Club headed by Switchblade Jay White, they have made their presence known in NJPW, AEW and IMPACT Wrestling over the past few weeks. In this article, let's take a look at five dream matches for the Bullet Club in AEW and IMPACT Wrestling. This list will exclude them vs. The Elite dream matches.

#5 Bullet Club's Taiji Ishimori vs. IMPACT Wrestling's Ace Austin

The Bullet Club has had a lot of incredible performers throughout its history. There might not be another competitor as quick in the ring as Taiji Ishimori. His footwork and speed are unmatched by anyone in NJPW or in professional wrestling.

The only wrestler who might be able to compete with the speed of Ishimori is Ace Austin. The IMPACT Wrestling star is the best athlete in the company and has skills that make him must-see. Ace is a former X-Division Champion, the winner of the 2021 Super X Cup, and has been compared with AJ Styles for his sheer talent inside the squared circle.

Ace Austin vs. Taiji Ishimori would set a remarkable pace. The unreal quickness of these two men would set a new standard for X-Division action. The Bullet Club might be key in this contest, with Ishimori having the numbers advantage despite Ace having Madman Fulton by his side. If this is just one-on-one, it would be anyone's match to win.

#4 Bullet Club's KENTA vs. AEW's PAC

KENTA joining the Bullet Club was one of the most shocking heel turns in NJPW. The former WWE Superstar was brought into New Japan Pro Wrestling by Shibata and entered the G1 Climax 29 in 2019. Despite starting off hot, he finished in the middle of the pack. His betrayal of Shibata and NJPW surprised many fans to say the least.

KENTA's run in WWE fell short of expectations. He was a part of the beginning stages of WWE NXT's. Then known as Hideo Itami, he was heralded as one of the best wrestlers in the world upon his signing. However, a multitude of injuries stopped his momentum.

PAC, formerly known as Neville, was also a part of this batch of talent with the likes of Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Finn Balor. He gained significant success as NXT Champion and Cruiserweight Champion. His fallout with the company led to him sitting at home for close to a year before being released.

While KENTA has the Bullet Club by his side in NJPW, PAC is also a part of a major stable in Death Triangle.

This matchup is even. KENTA has an advantage in strikes and ruthlessness, while PAC holds the advantage of speed and athleticism. The involvement of their factions might be the difference in this confrontation.

KENTA will have many different options from the Bullet Club to be in his corner, but there might not be anyone that has the combination of skills of the Lucha Bros in PAC's corner. This makes for an intriguing encounter with each man looking to leave their past behind and show who the better man is.

#3 Bullet Club's El Phantasmo vs. IMPACT's Eddie Edwards

One of the newer members of the Bullet Club is El Phantasmo. Just arriving in NJPW in 2019, one half of the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions has fit in nicely with the rogue stable. His cockiness and brash attitude seemed to be a perfect match for everything that the Bullet Club has become known for.

El Phantasmo's rulebreaker persona requires a competitor who is noble and a fan favorite. Eddie Edwards has to be considered the heart and soul of IMPACT Wrestling. The former two-time IMPACT World Champion has stood with the company despite the wrestling world changing around them.

Edwards seems like the most likely IMPACT Wrestling star to stand up to the Bullet Club if they invade the company just like they have done in NJPW. A match against El Phantasmo would make for a great encounter.

ELP appeared in IMPACT Wrestling and became Number One Contender for the X-Division Championship. He came up short against Josh Alexander at IMPACT Under Siege. It would get him back in the good graces of the Bullet Club if he was able to defeat a former X-Division and IMPACT World Champion in Eddie Edwards. The styles match up well and would make for a showstealer.

#2 Bullet Club's Guerrillas of Destiny vs. AEW's Santana & Ortiz

Tama Tonga is the only remaining founding member of the Bullet Club still with the group. His tag team with his brother Tanga Loa, known as the Guerrillas of Destiny or G.O.D., have become mainstays of the tag team division in NJPW. The tag team has won the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships on seven occasions.

The G.O.D. have been vocal members of the Bullet Club and dismissed the idea of the Elite being superior. Despite the way they have balked at the idea of them coming to AEW, the promotion does hold a bunch of dream matches for the premier tag team of New Japan Pro Wrestling.

At the top of any dream match list for tag teams from other promotions has to AEW's own Santana and Ortiz. Proud N Powerful has been one of the most underrated tag teams for many AEW fans. They have faced the best tag teams in the world from The Young Bucks to the Lucha Bros. One of the only remaining teams for them to face is the Guerrillas of Destiny.

These two tag teams brawling would make for a compelling battle, not only inside the ring, but the promos would also up the ante and get fans from both promotions interested.

It would also inevitably involve the four men's individual factions in the Bullet Club and The Inner Circle. This would lead to an even bigger encounter between the two aforementioned stables.

#1 Bullet Club's Jay White vs. AEW's Chris Jericho

Switchblade Jay White shocked the wrestling world by making the Bullet Club's presence known at IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary. Could his next stop be All Elite Wrestling? If so, there are many dream matches to explore. One of those could be with someone who White has surprisingly never crossed paths with despite his history in NJPW.

AEW's biggest signing was Chris Jericho. The first ever AEW World Champion has been at the forefront since the beginning of the promotion. He has helped legitimize the company and helped make new stars for the future. The Inner Circle leader shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Chris Jericho's only confrontation with the Bullet Club was his ground-breaking showdown with Kenny Omega at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12. The two men helped revolutionize the business in one of the most important bouts of the past decade in wrestling.

Switchblade Jay White is looking to continue the legacy of the Bullet Club and push it forward. He considers himself the man who was solely responsible for selling out Madison Square Garden. White has also become the first ever grand slam champion in NJPW history. With all of his accomplishments, a dream match with Chris Jericho would be very intriguing.

With their two supergroups at play, this rivalry will have many layers to it. Jericho was beaten by one Bullet Club leader, but it becomes a question whether he can defeat Switchblade. Meanwhile, 28-year-old Jay White will look to beat one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. This could be a main event matchup in the Tokyo Dome, MSG or anywhere in the world.

The Bullet Club and The Inner Circle will be watching this one closely. This could be just the beginning of a bigger war between the two factions. Jay White has defeated all the NJPW top stars, so the next step would be facing the top star in AEW.

Jay White vs. Chris Jericho would be the biggest dream match for the Bullet Club in AEW and IMPACT Wrestling.

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