5 Things AEW subtly told us on Dynamite: Grand Slam - Big mistake made with Omega vs Bryan, Main event disappoints

CM Punk and Malakai Black had the crowd behind them during AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam
CM Punk and Malakai Black had the crowd behind them during AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam
Rohit Nath

Welcome to this week's edition of things AEW subtly told us on Dynamite: Grand Slam. It was a good episode, but the hype of the Arthur Ashe show didn't live up to the expectations that had been set. Perhaps this could have been avoided with a single mistake, but it happens.

The show wasn't bad in itself. It just went downhill after a certain point, and there was a reason for that. Coming next is the Rampage special on the AEW Grand Slam week. Ahead of CM Punk's first TV match in over seven years, here's what went down on Dynamite:

#5 Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega's draw on AEW Dynamite means an instant rematch is in the works

Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega opened the show on AEW Dynamite instead of main eventing the night. While we understand the decision to have the match open the show at the Arthur Ashe stadium, this may have ultimately backfired.

Was it a mistake to open the show with the Bryan Danielson-Kenny Omega match? There are two sides to the argument. On one side, it was the perfect match to kick start the show, with the crowd reaction being proof of that.

On the other hand, it essentially meant that no other match on AEW Dynamite could follow up on the quality. After the bout, the entire episode itself seemed to take quite a dip.

With that said, we shouldn't take anything away from the Bryan-Omega match on AEW Dynamite. There is also the possibility that because of the planned finish, AEW couldn't risk going overtime.

Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson had an instant classic. There was no title on the line, but it didn't feel like there needed to be either. The entire idea of this feud is to establish Bryan Danielson in AEW and insert him into the World Title picture.

Given that the match ended in a time limit draw, it's clear that a rematch will be in the works. For all we know, the Bryan-Omega feud could end up being a series of matches.

At this point, it's possible to see Bryan eventually becoming the AEW World Champion or being just another challenger to Kenny Omega.

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