Hangman Page is one of the most relatable characters in wrestling right now

Since its inception, Hangman Page has been one of AEW's most popular characters
Since its inception, Hangman Page has been one of AEW's most popular characters

For a couple of years now, AEW fans have been waiting for Hangman Page to take his rightful place at the top of the promotion.

One of AEW's original stars, he was involved in the very first ever world title match against Chris Jericho. Despite a losing effort, the audience could already see that Page was destined to hold the gold at some point.

With a mix of brawling, bravado and beer drinking... the former high school teacher has evolved into one of the more likable characters in pro wrestling. It's clear that the AEW audience is solidly behind him right now.

After waiting so long for his turn, now it's Hangman Page's time to rise.

The reaction that Page received upon his return was amazing. And as the live crowd chanted for his cowboy 'stuff', it was clear that they had embraced him as one of their own.

When Page captured the chance to finally get that opportunity at the AEW title this week on Dynamite, it blew the roof off the place. It was like giving the fans a feast they've been craving for.

Like many of his cohorts, Hangman Page has a special connection with the AEW audience. He's a clear-cut fan favorite among the folks in the stands, as they respect not only his skills but his character, alike.

If he ultimately climbs to the top of the mountain and straps the World Heavyweight title around his waist, it will be another great moment in the history of this young promotion.

Hangman Page could be on the cusp of the biggest moment of his career when he faces off against Kenny Omega

We missed you @theAdamPage, nice of you show back up to work #AEWDynamite

It seemed like it was always going to come down to this.

Even through their shaky run as tag team champions, we could see it eventually come down to Hangman Page versus Kenny Omega, with all the stakes on the line. And with 'The Best Bout Machine' playing the perfect heel role, it would be no surprise if the crowd was firmly on the side of The Hangman.

In their brief history, AEW has always strived to give the fans 'what they want'. Right now, What the fans want is to see one of their favorites finally grab the gold and achieve his rightful place in the promotion. They want to see an underdog, a superhero, finally achieve what is worthy of him.

The bottom line is this: It's time for Cowboy S**t to rule All Elite Wrestling.

What do you think of the current All Elite Wrestling product? Are you excited about the return of Hangman Page? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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